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  • Okay. I'm actually short on BPs but if you'd like, I can get the Altaria to you tomorrow and enough BPs to tutor it Heal Bell. Is that okay with you? =]

    I can pick it up now using my SS FC and train it then work on the BPs to tutor it heal bell for you.
    Haha that's okay =]. No need to apologize. I've actually changed my mind about the jolly breloom and the matt j's Dnite but I'm still interested in your Jolly LeadDactyl. Can I still EV train for it 1:1?
    hey, just to let you know the BP for Vaporeon (F) Modest HPElec70 with those IVs in a Dive Ball is impossible :(

    There's only 2 legal PIDs for a Modest HPElec70, both being male for the 87.5% Male...

    There is however 1 legal PID for a Modest HPElec68, female across the board.
    46071edd is the target seed, and fb9f9600 being the PID, and it has a 6 encounter slot for the catch.

    also, there is a 30/10/30/31/31/30 (HP Elec70) female (1 PID).
    Seed:ed08057c PID:F610D91A, but it doesn't have a 6 slot (but it has a 7) so eevee will have to be the "yesterday" pokemon.
    I'm online, added the FC in your signature.
    I don't know if my FC changed since then as I don't remember our last trade.
    I don't see you online though so I'll reconnect.
    Yep, I can do that. Let me finish up this Moltres, then I'll get started on it. :)
    Hey Vaporeon. I've been pretty good, thanks for asking. I went inactive for a couple of months too, but I'm back now. :) You don't need to apologize. If anyone needs to, it's me. I do remember taking a BP from you, but I can't even remember what it was now... >_< I'd be happy to do something else for you if you'd like me to. :)
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