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  • Hi! I'm attending the VGCs on Sunday and was wondering if you could do a last minute trade for your Quiet Litwick? Just about anytime in the next 24ish hours would be good. Thanks!
    Nooooooo... we were supposed to battle in a climatic final *sigh*

    I'm usually on irc after 11 PM EST (GMT -5), so I'll see you then ;)
    Yo I'm sorry I never got back to you on the tournament. I was super busy during that time period.
    I will be free probably from tomorrow afternoon because of 1st-of-the-year lunch, if there's any problem I'll post here (so we will play on Wednesday)

    edit: I forgot to say that I'm in UTC+1
    That sounds about right. It was just a little food for thought....when actually looking into it I found out that Intimidate is almost entirely better than FG. Also, outside of Water Spout, Jellicent isn't that great offensively. Thanks, though, and happy holidays =]
    Hi Voodoo. You seem pretty well versed in VGC, so I figured I'd ask your opinion on something. So say somebody leads with these two Pokemon: Clefairy + Jellicent. What do you think they will do?

    Now that you've thought about it for a bit, here's what it is:
    Friend Guard Clefairy @ Eviolite (Calm, 252 HP/other EVs not figured out) + Scarf Jellicent (252 SpA/252 Spe/4 HP, maybe Modest?). It's about Helping Hand + Water Spout. I was hoping it wasn't too predictable...I mean Clefairy isn't a common sight. So it has suprise value, Friend Guard cushions any partner that wants to keep HP high, and Jellicent fears no priority outside of Sucker Punch. It's not a strategy to base a team around, but I was wondering if it would work as a lead sometimes. Water is a great offensive type, and obviously I would have four other solid team members to cover a variety of situations. I just got a DW Clefairy from a friend and am toying with some ideas on how to use it. Think this has potential?
    Unfortunately, I have to get off wifi. I have to drive somewhere in about an hour, and the logistics involved in an interrupted battle are ones I'd like to avoid (and DSing while driving is a no-no!). Later tonight (7:30 eastern and later) or tomorrow should be better.
    I'm available to battle now. I'll get on wifi so we can get this show on the road if you're available.
    I would love the untouched version nicknamed "Artemisia"
    Unfortunately, I do not have access to Wi-Fi on my DS until this Monday most likely. Would you be able to give me the distribution link or a .pkmn file?
    I'm your R2 Eevee opponent. I can battle at almost any reasonable hour in Eastern time starting tomorrow. What's good for you?
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