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  • Hey, the rng forums aren't letting me post, and you know rng well, so I thought I'd ask you.
    I'm trying to rng a wild Foongus, the ones that are like Pokeballs (like items on the ground) found around route 7. I'm using non c gear, a syncronizer, and I'm treating it as stationary legendary, as it doesn't move.
    The problem is, I hit my time, advanced my frame by doing ALOT of cycling around in and out of grassy areas with repels, and there were some trainers who I had defeated there also.
    I just don't know why it didn't work, any ideas?
    Sorry to bother you, but do you have any idea how much the PID RNG frame advances when you use sweet scent while surfing?
    That's a good sign. I went ahead and put it out in non-beta form since no one seems to be having problems anymore.
    Yeah.. but it's annoying when it doesn't and I don't like to do things half-assed. Make sure the version you get has 1.2 at the top. I update that link a lot and I want to make sure it's right.
    Try this. Let me know if it's any better for those issues. It always lags the first time, so run it once before actually trying anything.
    Nevva mind ^^
    I did use the time finder instead to search for IVs.
    It's slower, but at least its accurate :p
    Now I'm calibrating...the only issue is when to soft reset and waiting to press yes and tapping the screen again after that Warning Message (about not to turn on the C-Gear in such places like airplanes, hospitals, etc...)
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