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  • I've actually come across everything I need after getting the word out. Thanks tho!!!

    --------------Edit ^-------------

    I'm fairly new at this, and I've been told that I need to scrap my whole team in favor of a new strategy, so I'm willing to try! If you have any of these pokemon I would greatly appreciate a trade! Thank you!!
    Hey there! Do you have a prankster timid Tornadus with Hidden power Ice and tailwind for trade? I'm just trying to work out the final slot for my VGC regional team. :P Thanks for checking!!
    Just to give you a heads up, I think Voodo Pimp has started to make the Metagross as well...If it doesn't work with him I'll let you know. Thank you!!!
    Hey Vulgo, I am playing in the Georgia regional VGC championship, and I am looking for a Calm Cresselia with Trick Room, Moonlight, Psychic, and Ice Beam, and a brave Metagross with Meteor Mash, Explosion, Protect, and Earthquake. I can train the EVs and evolve the Metagross, I guess I just need the nature's, IVs, and moves that aren't learned with leveling up. If you have any of this I would love to trade for it. If not, then thanks for your time anyways. I think the service you provide to VGC players is awesome! :)
    here are the iv's:
    fire:31l30l31l30l31l30(or anyother. All the hp fire spreads are quite the same.)

    ground:31l31l31l30l30l31( again whatever hpground 70 spread you see you can use)
    Also yanmega doesn't need egg moves, and you could take your time.
    awkward indeed. Next time Im checking bulbapedia lol:

    ability:speed boost
    shiny:if possible
    iv's/hiddenpower:hpground. Ill give you the iv's in a second when i find them via vm
    eggmove:im going to check and send it to you via vm.

    iv's/hp: Hidden power fire. Ill again send you iv's if you dont have 1.
    shiny:if possible

    Sorry for the hassle. going to send iv's, and eggmoves of yanma as soon as you get back to this.
    I feel like the biggest zerg ever. After a month and a half of making a excellent team I found out metagross cant learn trickroom *facepalm*.

    I dnt want to bug you as much as fall regs. Can you do 2 rng's for me.
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