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  • Hey dude, thanks I really needed to hear that. I'm just gutted that we played better for most of the game and still lost - doesn't give me much hope when it comes to clutch situations in the future. We should still make the playoffs but I'm disgusted that Dickson didn't try and crawl for a first and just lay there. Or how Flacco missed a target from 2 meters away that I can routinely make (and I've had a shoulder reconstruction). Little things like this plus having already in a bad mood anyway really didn't help things. Polomalu came up with an excellent defensive play, and as much as I dislike both Harrison and especially Roethlisberger they did well when it counted. I really hope you guys slip up and we get another crack at you guys at MT&T in the playoffs because I don't have confidence in beating you away from home again at all. Oh ps: a) McClains hit should have been a penalty easily, and will be fined b) The poster below me in the thread was wrong, Suggs was the MVP.
    Yeah agreed...not that I was complaining lol but they were pretty bad! You gotta give Cincy credit though for coming back in the first place, even before those bad calls!
    All G, just saw people starting to post predictions for this week so wanted to alert you :). Steelers just escaped there hey!
    I work Tue/Thur for Burlington County College supervising one of their off-campus class locations. I've actually spent a few days at work playing WoW, haha. I have class M/W/F from 12-4. Weekdays probably won't work too well, although worst case we can just meet for dinner or something instead, haha. I was thinking we'd go somewhere close and cheap and chat or whatever :P I could go for some steak, how's Ruby Tuesday's sound?
    University of Pittsburgh :D Hehe, I'm at work right now in Burlington City.. such a boring job, I get paid to irc/surf the internets all day.
    Hello Mr. Waterbomb. We should have lunch or something at some point this year, since I'm leaving NJ in late dec/early jan :O
    YO BRO i got week 3 picks on a yahoo league, not sure if they'd be eligible for your little shindig???
    Haha, how were we not friends on this thing already? Only thing I can think of is that you are a Steelers fan and I'm a Ravens fan ;)
    0-32.... fuck you :P. My week 1 predictions are in the thread and the week 2 ones were done on some other site which I'll get the link for. Do they actually matter though?
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