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  • "Man, I hate you Morm. I haven't been able to see SM since right after Somewhere in the Between came out. Couldn't get time of from work last time they came around D.C. and this time my wife is pregnant."

    Didn't wanna spam up the photo thread, so i'll congratulate you here! I hope all goes well.
    The match between you and DarkSlay is over, victory going to DarkSlay.

    You have received 1 Evolution counter, 1 Move counter, and 1 Dream Counter for Holden. Additionally, you have 2 Trainer Counters.
    BTW, could you please PM me your team for the 1v1 versus DarkSlay you posted?

    EDIT: (and can you also post what item your Pokmon is going to hold this match?)
    I'm free for the next 45 min, but rather busy after that for the rest of the night. If that won't work, I guess we can find some time Saturday to do it.
    Yeah, 6:00 PM your time sounds good to me. Just message me when you're ready.
    I'll be on until about 4:00 PM PST, then will be back on by about 6:00 PM for the rest of the night, unless I go somewhere for dinner. Hopefully we can catch each other then.
    Unfortunately I'm busy from 6:30 PST until about 9:00. So unless you are free to battle after that it'll be tough to get it done tonight.
    If your free to battle now I can battle for the next half hour, but I have to leave after that.
    Tomorrow I'm free from 2:15 to about 3:15 PST, and then not again until late Friday night, around 9 PST. Saturday I am free most of the day. And yes, I live in PST.
    Yes. I can. I thought that it wasn't until the 4th, haha. I hate it when the deadlines for different tourney's are off by just a couple of days. But yeah. I'll be on then/
    sorry I wasn't on >.>; had internet problems friday and saturday... Can you battle today and tomorrow round 6-10 +1?
    I meant 1-3 my time...haha. Sorry about that. Are you still on and ready to play?
    Starmie, and my team's done too. Could you send the info of our teams?

    I'm usually free between 5 till 10 at +1 on saturday and friday.
    I'm PST, so just 3 hours away. This is one of the closest time differences I've had for all of these tourneys lol. I'm used to 8-12 hour ones. But Thursday from 5-12 PM I'll be able to play, and Saturday from 1-3 PM and like 7-12 PM I'll be free. Hopefully some time in there we can get this done.
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