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  • Thanks, I'm trying to find the best browser to use because Internet Explorer seems to be getting slower and slower. However, when I downloaded Chrome to compare to Explorer in running RotMG, only when I downloaded Chrome did Explorer significantly increase in performance so I decided to stick with it for the time being. I never liked Firefox but so far it's getting the best feedback
    On a scale of 1-10 (1 being entirely useless, 10 being the best there is) what would you rate Google Chrome? Also how would you rate any other programs you have used like Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, so on and so forth? Thanks in advance
    Yup, I'm Xilaa! I'm known as Rawbi on most other Interwebs places I visit, so I decided to change my name to match. And, believe it or not, I am indeed a chick.
    It's the other way around, haha. From Bahrain, studying in Jordan.

    In in Bahrain most of the population (not counting foreigners) is Muslim. In Jordan, I think the percentage is less, but still mostly Muslim.

    Oh, and I think I remember seeing you posting in our (inactive) group, that and of course regular posting here and there.

    It's interesting that you're an indian american muslim ;).

    BTW, I have a hair slight DNA of india. My grandma is indian (dad's part). So, part of my blood is indian, haha.

    Where in America exactly? (you know, so I can summon you to a terrorist meeting)

    self-stereotype joke is racist
    arggggh ive had so much schoolwork lately but ill try to get on!
    i had a lot of trouble trying to connect to the server too
    miss you too bby ;u;
    Yeah, i still talk to and bump into a fair few people from project nu though though it would have been cool if the community was a little more long lasting. Also you must teach me bw lc, it looks heaps different and i need to learn how to kick tail with buizel in another generation =D

    Though yeah ive been having holidays since i think the 10th of december and have them for 2 more weeks, lifes been a little slow but some good times lately, i love australian beaches in summer!
    Na, i lost all my teams in the transition from shoddy to PO and i while i still love the tier im a bit more focused on bw atm. Anyway, hows life man. Havent spoken to you in ages!
    Nevermind, thanks though. I figured out you can have two up at the same time under different E-mail addresses so I made an alt
    Ha, thank you very much for your comment on my writing. I'm glad people enjoy my posts as much as I enjoy writing them.
    Don't worry dude I'm working on it. Right now I'm getting my team together. I should hopefully start making videos again within a couple weeks.
    i was in bombay at first, but the weather there was fine thanks to torrential downpours

    calcutta on the other hand: 36 degrees Celsius + 99% humidity
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