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  1. SPOILERS! Pokemon Sword & Shield Pre-Release SPOILERS - Check Post 2!

    Have sprites, models, or images of the new pokemon and forms been compiled anywhere? Edit: Sprites for everything are below (Gigantamax forms are at the bottom of the image).
  2. Tapu Koko Discussion

    You forgot to remove the +1. It's still a guaranteed 2HKO on any variant, but it's not to guarantee an OHKO on offensive variants.
  3. Pokémon Hoopa

    I was thinking 4 attacks with either Orb over scarf. If it doesn't invest defenses, Alternate form still gets OHKO'd by Orb Bisharp and Band TTar Pursuit after hazards. It can severely damage or outright KO most Pursuit users and outspeeds the two mentioned. The set below 1-2HKO's every wall in...
  4. Pokémon Donphan

    Basically, people are pissy that Donphan isn't usable in UU because it has enough usage to make the OU cutoff. Smogon switching from usage based tiers to viability tiers would be interesting, but that's a convo for a different thread.
  5. Other Don't use that, use this [XY OU Edition]

    No problem. I've been running into a bunch of non scarf Heatrans that outspeed my 252 speed Bisharp so I was curious.
  6. Other Don't use that, use this [XY OU Edition]

    What is it max speed?
  7. [QC Ready 2/3] Kangaskhan

    The flinch chance is actually 51% (1 - 0.7^2). The only thing I can see myself trying to flinch to death with Bite is Skarm, but as you said, I'd miss out on the 2HKO on Aegislash. It's probably better to take care of checks before hand instead of relying on flinch hax.
  8. Bug Reports v2.0 (READ OP BEFORE POSTING!!)

    Defiant doesn't trigger upon switching into Sticky Web
  9. Pokémon Medicham

    Is Foresight viable to hit ghosts? HJK, Foresight, and 2 elemental punches seems like it'd work pretty well if the opponent only runs one ghost. I'm gonna have to give this thing a try.
  10. Data Updated Base Stats

    Do you run a +speed nature on your Greninja? +Speed Infernape outspeeds neutral Greninja by 3 points.
  11. Pokémon Malamar

    It gets it from Golduck who can get it from Smeargle.
  12. Pokémon Sylveon

    Sheer Force Darmanitan Flare Blitz and Kyogre Water Spout in Rain are both much stronger with the same appropriate choice item. I'd wager there are a lot of other things that are stronger than a Sylveon Hyper Beam that won't leave you completely open for a turn.
  13. Item Red Card

    Does Red Card force a switch if the holder gets OHKO'd? It didn't on Showdown when I tried Red Card Deoxys D last gen. If this is how it works in game, Red Card isn't gonna do a thing to stop setup sweepers without Sturdy.
  14. Suggestions

    Please, make the battle logs match the format used by Pokemon Online so that they can be viewed as replays here . Since there's no other log-based replay option, It'd be nice if Pokemon Showdown logs were compatible with it, especially since recording live battles is...
  15. CAP 14 CAP 3 - Concept Submissions

    Name: Hazardous Spin-Blocker General Description: A pokemon that can set entry hazards and through typing, movepool, or ability deter/prevent use of Rapid Spin or defeat the Rapid Spin user. Justification: The ability to play around entry hazards is very important because of how frequently one...