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  • I am assume you mean AM? Tomorrow at 11am your time which would be 10pm my time which I can do. Atleast I think that would be my time..
    Well I am on holidays so I can be very flexible, I am GMT + 11. What are you?
    I can play almost the day in the weekend, both days, saturday and sunday. So I think we'll play around of 20:00 hours GMT +1, right?
    I'm GMT+1 and i would like to play on Friday, i'll be online from 8 PM to 12 PM. Are you available on day-time i said? If not, tell me when you could play.
    I would like to play on Friday, I'll be probably online from ~17.00 to 24.00.
    Tell me if you're available on day-time I said, if not, tell me when you could play.
    I'm available every evening on msn. I'll send you my email in a PM to contact easily
    ok if you guys havent played by tomorrow night i'm gonna play instead and ill be sunday all day long online :)
    Uhh In gmt -5 and available basically any time after 12 o clock on wendsday and Thursday and Friday through Monday I'm available basically all day. I really want to try to get this battle done before next Tuesday cause that's when I have sports practice all day.
    Depends what your time zone is. I'm GMT -4 and should be free this evening. PS or PO? I had a lot of problems with PS lag so I'd prefer to use PO but you get a say too
    Aight, that sounds good. I don't think I'll be here early morning for me on Saturday, but I should be around for the rest of the day + on Sunday. I'm GMT -5 so it shouldn't be too hard to find a good time.
    hey bro, we're playing NU for the yin-yang tour. when's a good time for you?
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