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  • hey not that it would have mattered in the outcome of our battle, but you should know that your empoleon is clearly a hack.... empoleon doesnt learn pressure... just thought u would wanna fix that
    haha i heard the same thing, i only play competitively this gen tho, so its not based on personal experience. oh well gotta learn to live with it i guess.
    i'm assuming your irene is NOT scarfed. my terrakion is, so its a 2hko anyway. and saying that the burn sucks is silly, it IS from a scald, you'd die from a surf regardless. but yeahh gg, it just fucking sucks how we dc'ed 2-3x THEN dc again in like the last 4 turns of the battle. Way to go wifi.
    your specs politoed would be at around 40% health after rocks and spikes, it can't take a hit. its still anybody's game at that point, i'd finish off whatever poke you have left by the time you switch your terrakion out.
    LIKE I SAID, MY TERRAKION IS ALSO SCARFED. and you can't lock yourself into a move cuz terrakion-gengar resist your stabs, its gonna be a prediction game from then on. on the other hand, all of your pokes die to a CC from MY terrakion.
    haha mine is also jolly scarfed, and i could easily sub disable you out with gengar. way to conclude things without knowing your opponent's set.
    what matters is not the gastro per se, but the fact that i had to lose landorus to kill it. nothing on your team can take on landorus except for azelf, which would quickly die from switching in and out, life orb, and sandstorm.
    i seriously doubt that, especially since i can just sub first turn to ensure the kill. Well theorymoning is useless right now, but still u had to admit the hax was heavily in your favor. maybe next time, we'll get a game thats a bit less unfair. it just sucks to lose this way.
    eh you were really lucky with all my miss cuz it turns to cost me my landorus. but gg. i would've had a much easier time without that unlucky miss.
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