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    Dracovish is best

    Dracovish is best
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    The most amazing thing you have done in Pokémon?

    When I was a kid, my friend and I would always battle each other in Pokemon emerald. This was a time where we brought our strongest pokemon including legendaries and whatnot. In one such occurrence it came down to my Blaziken and Rayquaza vs my friend's Groudon and Kyogre. The sun was out and...
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    Battle Spot Singles: The Battle Spotter

    Thanks for the help. I've done the all changes that you've suggested with great success. Didn't actually notice that Blaziken wasn't adamant! Wonder how I mixed that up... Garchomp now has stone edge (still kept Lum berry, super useful) Blaziken got adamant nature Suicune has chesto berry and...
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    Battle Spot Singles: The Battle Spotter

    Yeah I'll think about the Serperior set. Busy today Ill do some testing in a few days
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    Battle Spot Singles: The Battle Spotter

    Hahaha. I haven't actually built this team in-game yet, I made it on showdown and posted it here before making it. Thanks for the final push with Stone Edge on chomp. I'll definitely do that. Despite what I said about the team I actually have begun with the Wobbuffet so I can answer your...
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    Battle Spot Singles: The Battle Spotter

    I don't really have a creative name for this team (I actually have 3 t's in the name but for the sake of grammar I will tone it down). Sorry about that. I'm also not a fan of super flashy RMTs. I'd rather get straight to the point but still provide enough visuals to make it worth reading...
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    Good evening

    Good evening
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    Smogon Simple Questions/Suggestions

    Hi, I'm interested in becoming a tutor for the tutor/apprentice program but I'm having a hard time understanding how the program generally works. Can I have a summary on how things work?
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    ORAS OU Yesterday

    Interesting team yo! I suggest replacing Pursuit with Earthquake on MegaMeta. It lets you hit Heatran and other Steels while also giving nice damage to hit Ferro with without the need of lowering your speed. Another change you might want to consider is Ice punch -> Bullet Punch. If you're...
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    What about adding in gen 3 trainer sprites? There are sprites for all trainers gen 4 onwards. I know gen 1 and 2 sprites are a little clunky which is why they are not in but gen 3 sprites are actually decent enough. (a sprite artist could make some custom ones for gen 6 but...i don't think that...
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    XY OU RMT OU Suspect Team

    Definitely change Hammer Arm to Ice punch, its way better. Also for Meta's base ability, run Clear Body, prevents intimidate (and the occasional sticky web) from stopping you. Run Fire Blast/flamethrower over Heat wave. Fire Blast is a little stronger with a minimal trade-off in accuracy. If...
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    ORAS OU Kyurem-B OU RMT

    Hey buddy! You might want to try adding photos and stuff to make the RMT more interesting (I don't mind too much though). Trying running Roost over Dragon Claw on Kyurem-B. Dragon Claw is a little redundant as you already have ice beam for dragons; additionally, you get some nice recovery to...
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    I think it would be nice to have more battle music rather than just the trainer battle themes.
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    Can't get enough of these Etika avatars haha

    Can't get enough of these Etika avatars haha
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    ORAS Celebration Tour - Round 1

    Thanks Genesis7 [: