Дурак Mafia | Ordinary Comrades Win

Lightwolf, deciding that leading the village was too much, demanded everyone lynch him. As the votes were being tallied, Walrein, realising that he would be asked to step up and lead, exploded in a timely fashion.

Dear Walrein,

You are Jesus, the oblivious.

2000 years ago you died for all of humanity’s sins, whatever that means. Little did you know it doesn’t really work like that. Getting yourself killed doesn’t help anyone out, and coming back 2 days later just makes you look like a sham. You’ve recently returned to Moscow to announce the rapture, but no one there has recognized you yet, I guess the rapture will have to wait for a while.

Every night, you may PM billymills with “Night x - Sacrificing self for USER.” Any actions directed at that user will instead be directed at yourself, including kills. If you have the unfortunate luck to redirect a kill, you will not die immediately. You will die at the end of the third day after your initial death. You will still be able to perform actions until your death, but your lynch vote will not count on the third day.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
It appears he had no way of putting off this death.

Now with no replacement leader in place, Lightwolf tried to scream something out before the all-to-willing mob diced him. His last howls were inauditable (this is a hilarious pun).

Lightwolf was
Dear Lightwolf,

You are Richard Daley, the Mayor.

One of the longest serving mayors of Chicago, and one of the most powerful voices in American politics. Of course, you weren’t exactly democratically elected each of those times. To guarantee your position as mayor, you’ve had some questionable contacts within the DC Villains. They have proven to be extremely valuable allies, but they always seem to want something in return.

As a high profile mayor, your vote counts for double.

The DC villains have offered to redirect 1 night action every two nights, at your request. You will be able to redirect during either Night 0 or Night 1, Night 2 or Night 3, etc. If you chose to redirect an attack, please send a PM titled “Night x - Redirecting USER to USER.”

In return, the DC villains have control over your day vote. (You are free to vote in the thread, but it will not count.) Furthermore, if a DC villain is ever lynched, you will be forced to step up and redirect the lynch to a person of their choice. If this ever occurs, your debt to the DC villains will be repaid, and you will regain control over your lynch vote.

These shady dealings have attracted attention from other city officials, so you would best be on the lookout.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
And last but not least, FireMage looked distraught. Lightwolf having been publically exonerated meant that he could no longer be brought to justice. It seems he had been pulled off the Moscow case.

Dear little gk,

You are the IRS, the cold embodiment of the tax code.

You don’t care about winners and losers, so long as you get your cut from both. But it seems everyone is trying to avoid you. That doesn’t matter. You can track them down. You will get them in the end. You’ve heard that there are a couple tax dodgers around. Their alliances are unknown, but that doesn’t matter anyway. You’ll find them. Even in Russia.

Every night, you may PM billymills with “Night x - Checking USER’s tax returns.” You will check for any irregularities in their returns. Beware false positives. You are free to use this power again on the same user to be absolutely sure of any irregularities.

Once in the game, you may send “Night x - Decapitating USER.” You will seize USER’s capital, effectively preventing him from doing anything in the game. The IRS does not fuck around. If this user was a tax dodger then you will regain this ability one more time. If the user was not a tax dodger, they will be reimbursed and you will face a sharp budget cut, removing yourself from the game.

You win if you successfully identify and decapitate the tax dodgers.
There was one honest sigh of relief from the crowd, which means FireMage had been unable to track either of his targets down.

Kent Brockman again appeared to have something to say, possibly more interesting than the rest of the news this day:
Kent Brockman said:
Over the years, a news reporter learns things that for one reason or another, he simply cannot report. It doesn't seem to matter now, so the following people are gay:

General Spoon
Aura Guardian
Slim Guldo
Lady Salamence
shuckles my hero

You have until 8 PM EST January 29th to send in Night 4 Actions.


/me huggles
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Sup people, so here's your new village leader!

Walrein didn't name a successor, but I was given sheet access and am gonna step up. I'll be talking to people and getting results and shit. Feel free to talk to me if you want.


/me huggles
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A king's time as ruler rises and falls like the sun. One day, askaninjask, the sun will set on my time here, and will rise with you as the new king.
Apologies if this update is dry but I am not about to read the Great Gatsby within a reasonable timeframe. On the plus side I've written a great analysis here.

In other news, ditto was found dead. He had gruesome knife marks around his mouth and a pencil stuck in his eye. What's even more unfortunate is that no one was around to help him when it occured.

Dear Ditto,

You are Leonardo Da Vinci, the inventor.

One of the greatest minds to have ever lived. You are a masterful artist, mathematician, geologist, engineer, and the list goes on. Many of your discoveries went unpublished and unnoticed, most notably the discovery of eternal life. You’ve decided to move to Moscow to do more research.

If at any point in the game you are targeted with a role, you will be able to reverse-engineer it, and discover precisely how it works. You will then be able to use the role the following night. Unfortunately, after 1 use you will get bored of the role, and will no longer be able to use it. If multiple roles target you on a given night, you will be able to use all of them the following night. You do after all, have many talents.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
On the plus side, it seems Jumpluff's corpse was found rotting nearby. The cause of death was inconclusive.

Dear Jumpluff,

You are the Joker, the ace of knaves.

You are one of the most prolific comic villains of all time, as well as one of the most capable. With an incredible intellect and the ability to use a wide variety of weapons, you’ve come to Moscow to throw the whole country, and hopefully the whole world, into chaos.

You’ve brought along some allies in this fight, but they aren’t the most reliable. If they fail to get the job done, you’re more than capable taking up their place.

You also have an impressive knack for theatrics. At night you may PM billymills with “Night x - performing in the vicinity of USER.” Anyone who was close enough to user will be so distracted that they will completely forget what they were doing. The performance will be so impressive that no one will understand is going on or what distracted them from their job.

You are also in the possession of two time-bombs. Be careful not to lose them. They could end up saving you if things turn badly. <Snip>

You have found dirt on Richard Daley. <Snip>


Due to your history of burning money, it is possible that someone may try to come after you. Luckily, they won’t be able to find any remaining evidence.

You win if the DC villains win.
But perhaps the real tragedy of the day was that Kent Brockman's broadcast had been replaced by HD, Empoof and Quagsires reviewing the Great Gatsby.

You have until 8 PM EST January 31st to determine a Day 5 lynch.

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