Дурак Mafia | Ordinary Comrades Win

You all decide to lynch Quagsires. Quagsires was:

Dear VintageBooks,

You are Richard Feynman, the professor.

The laws of physics have always kept people in check. The world would be a completely different place if people could just fly around wherever they want. But even science can’t keep the uneducated down. Who knows what would happen if these idiots stopped believing in the Theory of Gravity? No, they have to be dealt with quickly and harshly.

You have many traits that can help you here. The first is the ability to repeat scientific findings. If something happened once, then under the same conditions you should be able to repeat it. If one of your allies is no longer able to perform his abilities, you could probably repeat his experiments yourself.

You’re also talented at deduction. Presented with a physical phenomenon, you would be able to figure out how it works. If it was simple enough, you could probably even produce the effect in the laboratory. Of course whatever you produce probably wouldn’t work more than once, but it would probably work well enough to fool anyone once...

You win if the Establishment win.
It appears he had learned how to inspect and hook users.

There was now an important message from Kent Brockman:
Kent Brockman said:
Well that was enlightening.

Night 5 ends January 3rd at 5 AM EST.
Delaying update because I am missing most of the nights actions, but mostly because I don't want to update in the middle of the morning. I'll give up to 20 more hours, or until I feel all the important actions are in.
Sorry for the delayed update, but the village leader didn't tell me anything. More Cowbell died, it appears he had scaring around his cheeks. He died happy, but it was pretty sad no one tried to help him.
Dear More Cowbell,

You are Al Gore, the environmentalist.

You’re a respected environmentalist who has drawn much attention to climate change. In preparation for your upcoming Vice-Presidential bid, you decided to tour Russia to show how non-socialist and non-communist you were; however you decided to bring your slide show on the road too.

Every night you may PM billymills with “Night x - Presenting to USER.” That user will be given a special screening of An Inconvenient Truth. He will not be allowed to communicate with the outside world for the duration of the movie. However you will let him have a single break to do his business. He will also be completely immune to non-kill roles for the next cycle.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
I won't count any PMs that were sent after my delayed timeline even though I was late on the update, but this is not my fault it was the village leader.

Kent Brockman had something to say again:
A correction for our last story: I don't suck, but billymills certainly does. We sincerely regret this error.

Fortunately, he finally steps up and informs everyone that they will be lynching today and that the deadline is 9 AM EST January 7th.


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HD was lynched.
Dear HD,

You are Batman.

Organised games are boring. What matters is that the criminals are brought to justice. Even if it means jumping the gun. You alone know that the DC villains are already long dead. You dealt with them all personally, but you’re not done yet. The Establishment and the Ordinary Comrades still pose a huge threat for peace. There’s still a lot of work to be done.

The DC villains still have not been found, so for a while you are still in the clear. As long as a majority of the Establishment and Ordinary Comrades are still on the lookout for the DC villains, you will be able to hide in the shadows quite well. Until the end of night 2, you will be able to avoid any abilities that would otherwise harm you.

The identities of the DC villains will be revealed once every even night starting with Lex Luthor on Night 0. By Night 6 it will be apparent that no more DC villains are in the game. If are free to add any flavor you want to the revelation of the DC villains.

You have found evidence against Richard Daley, the mayor. It appears he had some criminal dealings with the DC villains. His vote has a value of 2 and will count for whoever you decide to lynch (his posts in the day thread will have no effect). Furthermore, if you are ever targeted for a lynch, he will be forced to step up and redirect the lynch. PM billymills with “Day x - Disappearing in place of USER.” USER will be lynched in your stead.

However, Richard Daley is not an ally. He has his own reasons for helping you out at the moment, but he is actively trying to find you. If you ever use the lynch redirect, you will lose all influence you have over him. You know that Richard Daley is Lightwolf. He does not know who you are, deal with him with care.

While you won’t kill people, you are perfectly willing to put them in compromising situations. Two out of every three nights, you may send a PM to billymills with “Night x - Not saving USER.” You will not save them that night, and unfortunately they will die. The flavor will be eerily similar to the flavor that would be used by the DC villains. Use this to your advantage.

You also have two timed explosives. At any point in the game message billymills with “USER set us up the bomb for Day/Night X.” The bomb will explode on the specified date. However, since you don’t like to kill people, you’ve decided to give them a fair chance at disarming the bomb. Day/Night X must be at least 2 full cycles away. If they can’t disarm the bomb within 2 full cycles, they must have wanted to die, right?

You have also found that <Snip> shares a hatred of the Ordinary Comrades and that he could be an ally in this fight. <Snip>

You win if you are the last person standing.
Special thanks to Outlaw, Jumpluff and Mekkah for helping out.

Get night actions in asap please. No specific deadline, but I will push you.

If anyone out of the game wants to be added to the sheet, PM me.
Game Over

Empoof tries to kill everyone, but God smites him to save face:

Dear Yeti,

You are John Paul II, the pope.

You are the head of the Establishment. As head of the Catholic church, you’re one of the most powerful people in the world. But that’s starting to change. People have started to get turned off from God’s word. Ordinary people at that! That’s going to change here and now. Once you crush these Ordinary Comrades, all other people will have to acknowledge your power.

Every night, you may PM billymills with “Night x - Shrouding USER in Turin.” You will hide this USER in the city of Turin, which will prevent any harmless actions from targeting him that night.

As head of the Establishment, you know that Kent Brockman shares a hatred of the Ordinary Comrades, but you’re unsure what his goal is. Every Day or Night you may PM billymills with “Messaging Kent Brockman from an Undisclosed Location.” OR “Messaging Kent Brockman from Vatican City.” If you message Kent Brockman from an undisclosed location he will not be able to identify who sent the letter, nor will he be able to respond directly. Once you message him from Vatican City, he will be able to respond you directly, but he will identify all messages from the Vatican City as coming from the Establishment. You may send anything in the body of the message.

There may be something else that you should deal with, but you seem to have forgotten.

You win if the Establishment are the last users standing.
It seems that Empoof was unable to remember what he forgot. Perhaps more depressing is that the Establishment made almost no attempt to contact Kent Brockman at all.

It also appears that Batman ignored Kent Brockman altogether. In face of this disrespect, Fatecrashers decided to retreat home. He still lives, but it is a pitiful existence.

Dear Fatecrashers,

You are Kent Brockman, the announcer.

Fuck everything about the little people, am I right? They’re just parasites, feeding off the success of the upper class. Fuck the middle class too. You worked hard to get where you are, and you’re not going to help anyone else catch up.

As an anchorman, you deliver a nightly broadcast. You’re free to send out any dribble you want. Every Night and Day you may send a PM with “TimeofDay x - Reporting.” Fill the body with whatever it is you want. However, you will be identified in your report as Kent Brockman. In order to stay relevant, you must send this PM every half cycle, however your reports may be as long or short as you want them to be.

Because your mansion is rather large and easy to identify, it’s very possible people could send you anonymous messages. There may be some who know of your impartiality in this conflict. If they leave a return address, you may be able to send messages back to them.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades lose.
Given a safe role name and power to claim, it appears he still prefered to claim 'Anti-DC neutral' over a simple villager. Odd strategy, but I guess he survived until now.

With that, the Ordinary Comrades win Дурак Mafia.

Dear Princess Bri,

You are Alexey Pajitnov, I can’t pronounce it either.

You invented Tetris, one of the most revolutionary games of all time. And you’re one of the best at it. No one in Moscow could ever possibly beat you at Tetris, ever. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all you’re good at.

Every night, you may PM billymills with “Night x - Bet USER can’t beat me at Tetris.” Try as he might, USER will never beat you and the night will be over before USER can perform any other actions.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
Dear Ace Emerald,

You are Diddy, the trained monkey.

Descended from humans, you have above average intelligence and the ability to mimic human behavior. You also recently learned how to use firearms, and seem to have a natural talent. Unfortunately you were kidnapped by the Moscow Circus and have been forced to work for them.

Every night, you may PM billymills with “Night x - Watching USER from telephone wire.” You will follow the user throughout the night, scaring off anyone dangerous with a round of gunfire.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
Dear Paperblade,

You are Vito Corleone, the don.

You control the most powerful, influential crime family in New York. With income from gambling, bootlegging, and olive oil, you are also considerably wealthy. With that wealth, you can buy extremely useful political and media contacts. You’ve recently been trying to establish contacts in Moscow, and are there on business.

At night, you may chose to send a PM titled “Night x - Publicizing.” In the body of the PM, you can chose what you want to appear in the day update. This can be as precise (full paragraphs) or as vague (random words) as you wish. I will try to intertwine this publication with the day update. You can not use any special fonts, quotes, or otherwise. Nor are you allowed to lie. The newspaper would fire your contacts if you did that.

Your publication can contain exactly 3 users that are alive in the game, or no users at all. If you chose to include 3 users in the publication, any votes cast against any of these 3 users will count double the next day. If there are less than 3 users listed, your publication will not be included in the update flavor. You are free to list a few extra names as insurance (only the first 3 alive users will be counted).

If you send your PM in a timely manner, I can make sure it passes these conditions.

Furthermore, while you routinely avoid paying taxes on a large portion of your income, you have multiple accountants running your finances, so if anyone were to look into them, they would find no irregularities.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
Dear askaninjask,

You’re haunter, the pokemon

As an inevolved pokemon, you’re not very powerful, and as such, you have no powers. On the other hand, being a ghost, not many attacks can kill you. The first time you get targeted for a kill, it will just go straight through you. The second time however, they will use better weapons.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
Poor askaninjask, the village needed a role that was marginally positive. This was it and he got stuck with it.

Dear Da Letter El,

You are Clarence Thomas, the judge.

As a member of the Supreme Court, you have the ability to make some important decisions. However, for some reason or another, you have decided to stay quiet on almost all issues. Word has it that you’re merely a puppet, controlled by some more active politicians.

Every night, you may PM billymills with “Night x - Reviewing USER’s case.” You will gain some primitive knowledge about USER, like his true name.

The Establishment has offered you additional power in exchange for your assistance. Every night you may also PM billymills with “Night x - Investigating evidence against USER.” You will be able to uncover exactly what this USER does.

In return, the Establishment wants you to throw out any case they want. It would be wise to comply. If you post “This case does not interest me” in the game thread while a member of the Establishment is undergoing trial, the case will be thrown out. This will not work unless the defendant is a member of the Establishment.

In the mean time, the Establishment has mostly left you alone. It is possible they have forgotten about this agreement. If you keep quiet and do not reveal yourself in the thread, it is highly unlikely that the Establishment will remember to use your abilities. However, there may be others who are after you, others who may be more difficult to evade.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
The Establishment equivalent of Lightwolf. I figured that it would be a bad idea to give a mafia (united under Fatecrashers) the ability to stop two lynches at any time, so I put an extra condition on this lynchstop. If Da Letter El posted at any time, or if he was inspected by the establishment, or if anyone said the name 'Clarence Thomas' in the presence of the Establishment, then the establishment would have been aware of the lynch stop. Impressively, he stayed quiet the whole time.

In retrospect, I would have swapped around the conditions between the two lynch stops. The conditionless redirect should have been given to the back-up inspector, given it was a more important role. The conditional lynch stop should have been given to the re-director, but it seems it worked out fine anyway.

The game was mostly based around the IRS - tax dodger mechanic and the 'hidden mafia' mechanic. I had hoped the IRS would have taken a far more active role, contacting the village and the mafia sides. I don't think I made it clear enough in the role PM that if they didn't find both dodgers fast enough that they would lose. The dodgers were huge assets to both the mafia and village when they were each behind. If the mafia took the lead at any point, they would probably be willing to off both a redirector and a back-up inspector. Likewise if the village was ahead, they would be willing to destroy a lynch redirect at the cost of a redirector (or potentially a back up inspector).

I needed to make the whole game believe there was a mafia team in the game when it really wasn't, so big names who mysteriously weren't in the game was an obvious choice. I don't think anyone figured out the gimmick until HD died, which was cool. I gave HD 2-night immunity because I wanted to be sure that the second DC villain died before he was found out.

I ended up making the combined mafia extremely powerful at 4/3 kills/night, but they didn't collaborate nor contact Kent Brockman until very late. Kent Brockman was intended to be both the public face and leader of the mafia, as if Brockman could organise between the two they wouldn't bother going to each other directly (or they may have assumed that Kent Brockman was part of the other mafia). The Establishment should have been able to put up a better fight if they used their mole role (Richard Feynman) and just used their real role names as claims, but for some reason they decided to come up with a host of names I had never heard of before.

I tried to give HD the Epona false claim as a role guaranteer. Something that would make sure an action would succeed, regardless of hookers and safeguards, but this somehow got misconstrued into an action that blocked both hookers and safeguards. An interesting mix.

The mafia got very lucky with a couple of early inspects, finding shade, paperblade, and HD relatively quickly, but HD had both of his first two kills blocked by Walrein.

The village played great. Most of the village leaders played their parts perfectly. Lightwolf got a lot of flack for lynching himself, but I think it was the right move at the time. I'm impressed DLE was able to go a whole game without posting. Paperblade gave me some fun updates to write (sorry Eagle4 and Ace Emerald!). Looking at how close the game ended up being despite how well each side played makes me think the mafia were definitely built too strong, but it worked out all the same.

If anyone wants to ask questions about the game, post them here or PM me on IRC. I'll open up the sheet but prepare to be disappointed.


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Still undefeated as village leader

Remind me never to trust LightWolf as my replacement again though

Was kinda disappointed with the activity in the village after my death but it all worked out. I guess finding all the mafia by Night 1 helped a bit...

My sheet

Of course the updating on it was a little...lacking after my death.


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I tried my hardest to throw on the first day by trying to lead the village as a reverse martyr while thinking i was a martyr but whatever

edit: suck it hd

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