Дурак Mafia | Ordinary Comrades Win

Okay guys, now that I have executed my perfect plan of offing US and taking his place, I shall lead us to victory(US should not be the president of Russia, that is way too ironic)

So, today we shall lynch a man, who claimed to be one Russian dude, but turned out to be a completely different Russian dude, which he had no reason to lie about, so he must be bad!

Lynch Crux who isn't Stalin, but General Pterodactyl or what.
You all decide to lynch crux, but you're shocked to discover that he wasn't Russian at all, he wasn't even Australian. He was
Dear Crux

You are General Petraeus, the general.

The might of the CIA and the United States Military are going to crush this tiny rebellion... even if your reputation has recently taken a hit. This will fix all of that, maybe. Saving the Establishment may just get you your job back.

Every night you may PM billymills with “Night x - Using the remaining might of the US army to smite USER.” User will be temporarily distracted for the night, unable to use any night actions.

You also seem to have run afoul of your accountant. This shouldn’t pose any serious problems so long as no one jumps to any conclusions.

You win if the Establishment wins.
Kent Brockman also provided his view on the story:
Kent Brockman said:
I've said it before, and I'll say it again: democracy simply doesn't work.
Except, as it appears, in this case.

You have 48 hours to send in Night 3 actions. The deadline is 7 PM EST Friday January 25th.
A shrill howl cuts through the dark night, it seems the wolves have awoken. As you move into the dimly lit street, a pack of hound dogs races past. Paperblade, terrified of anything furry tries to outrun the dogs on his way to the central square. Empoof prefers to ride the dogs around town, but manages to make it to the morning meeting in time.

HD seems to have the most difficulty, as the dogs seem to have caught hold of his arms. Bloodied and apparently lacking a couple digits, he finally waddles to the central square, or what remains of it.

It appears someone detonated something, something big. According to eyewitnesses, it was very colorful and pretty, but it seems someone got caught up in the explosion.

Dear zorbees,

You are Achmed, the regular guy.

Life is great isn’t it? You’re young kid with an interest in pyrotechnics. After the fall of communism, you were flew to Moscow to try and test and sell a variety of fireworks to all those celebrating. Unfortunately sales haven’t been that good, and it looks like you may not be able to get a flight home for a while.

A man is arriving Day 3 with a business proposition, he hasn’t specified what exactly but it could be good.

You win if the Ordinary Comrades win.
The poor guy somehow got caught in the explosion. What he was doing there, we'll never know. It seems a few people are more than a little relieved, it seems they narrowly missed the explosion.

As you all settle down, it seems that Yeti is missing. She has been replaced by the red panda Empoof. Vintage Books has also sent word that he has gone to the library and will not be returning. Quagsires will be replacing him.

Somehow, it seems one of the dogs has taken the lead in deciding the day lynch. It seems the rest of you are naught but sheep.

You just manage to catch the rest of the Kent Brockman news broadcast
Kent Brockman said:
... and the fluffy kitten played with that ball of string all through the night.
Sounds like thrilling stuff.

You have until 7PM EST January 25th to lynch someone. PMs to be out shortly.

Seriously, this is a serious lynch and you need to follow it, I'm not kidding.

This is serious, I swear on my doggies, and I don't lie when my doggies are at stake.

Lynch LightWolf

Everyone please follow suit and don't ask any questions, thanks.
01[16:32] <Empoof> hi village leader lightwolf
01[16:32] <Empoof> if this is for billymills mafia i don't know anything yet and i'll let you know when i do
[16:32] <LightWolf> okay
[16:33] <LightWolf> all I got from Yeti <snip i'm retarded>
01[16:33] <Empoof> cool! you know more than i do :p XD
[16:34] <LightWolf> either way
[16:34] <LightWolf> might aswell vote
[16:34] <LightWolf> so follow my vote
01[16:35] <Empoof> alright
[16:35] <LightWolf> and those who ask questions get lynched instead
01[16:36] <Empoof> :o
01[16:36] <Empoof> wait wtf
01[16:37] <Empoof> (not asking questions)
[16:37] <LightWolf> not voting is also not an option
[16:37] <LightWolf> just do it
[16:37] <LightWolf> nike
01[16:37] <Empoof> XD kk nigga

Vote LightWolf

also don't talk to me


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Euthanize LightWolf

...too much?

edit: also as per LightWolf, I am indeed backup leader, so get used to bringing me your results and et cetera

If any of you can send anon messages, I know who can receive them. Please come to me so we can discuss this before my demise at my own paws! Or else I will brutally hunt you down lynch you instead.

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