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ginganinja tells you all to lynch the_sea_prince and still unsure of what to do, you all agree to do so without any hesitation aside from the hipster Wild Eep and the_sea_prince himself. You all gather around and lynch the_sea_prince from one of the stage ropes as he convinces you all to not lynch anyone today. As the rope goes up and he gasps for his last breath, a note falls from the now lifeless body. It reads:

You are Sweetums.
You are allied with Muppet Labs; your team information will be sent to you in a separate pm.

You are a giant ogre that stand high above the rest of the Muppets. Despite your somewhat frightening appearance, you are actually a nice monster who no one needs to fear. You are known to randomly start singing, whether others want you to or not. You have joined the Muppet Labs because they are the only ones that will stand your constant singing, being too scared to do anything about it.

At night you may PM Ditto and Crux with "Night X - Frighten people near USER". You will stand near USER, frightening all those who would kill them. This will negate all killing actions towards USER for the night. You are genial monster though, so if a player is targeting you they won't be frightened and you won't actually do anything once they decide to attack you.

You win if all Assorted Monsters and Mahna Mahna are killed.

As the lovable monster Sweetums dies, some are happy and others sad. You retreat for the night, but what will happen? Who will see the next day? These remain unseen.



i want it...
You got very little sleep last night, the ruckus was incredible. Screaming, banging, crashing and the unmistakable sound of hot, passionate love; such a noise has never been heard before in the Muppet’s Theatre. But as dawn came, it grew quite. It grew still. Not even the softest susurrus of last night’s antics could be heard, in fact there was no evidence of it at all. That is, if you only payed attention to one of your senses. As the air conditioning kicked it, and with it, your alarm clock a scent wafts in your direction. Floating on the artificial breeze is an unmistakeable smell. Fresh Blood. The taste of it was in the air. And the theatre felt still.

When you finally work up the energy to get out of bed after a long night with no sleep, you look around you. There seems to be no sign of any struggle. In fact, all of the evidence of last night’s antics seems to have been erased. It is unnatural to say the least; eerie even.

Everyone gathers at the towns meeting centre for a headcount. LightWolf is missing. Suddenly you hear a groan from under a pile of props, all of which are stained red with blood. Wild Eep nears the pile and tries to pull it apart but it is sticky with someone’s blood. Wild Eep, being a faint-hearted girl faints dramatically. ginganinja rolls his eyes and pulls a body out from underneath the pile of props, ignoring the blood which stains his innocent, virginal fingers. The body had been savagely torn apart by a vicious assailant. The sight of LightWolf’s body caused even the brave Aura_Guardian to recoil in disgust and fear. LightWolf’s assailant must have had a sick sense of humour, because his body was engaged in a bloody love scene, beyond description. If I were to describe it to you, the small child sitting with imperfectluck may have nightmares. I can however inform you that it had something to do with his right hand and his sphincter. A scrap of paper was clutched in his left hand, he held onto it even in death. Ginganinja, being the strong man he is pulled apart the dead man’s fist. Wild Eep woke up, only to faint again as LightWolf’s finger was ripped off due to ginganinja’s grip. Ginganinja handed the piece of paper to Ditto, who read it out dramatically (being a drama major and all):

You are Dr. Bunsen Honeydew.
You are allied with Muppet Labs; your team information will be sent to you in a separate pm.

You are the resident scientist in the Muppet Theatre and have been hosting Muppet Labs since its beginning. You have made numerous experiments, all with varying levels of success. When the chaos broke out in the theatre, you decided to team up with rest of your fellow scientists.

At night you may PM Ditto and Crux with "Night X - Give USER exploding clothes". You will give ALIAS an exploding hat, exploding earmuffs, and an exploding necktie that were all made by you in Muppet Labs. These articles of clothing will all detonate at the same time, thus killing them. If you are killed, this will pass to a team member.

You win if all Assorted Monsters and Mahna Mahna are killed.
Another person is missing. You search the theatre but alas, you find nothing. However you can smell something disgusting. You all look at daletterel harshly. He holds up his hands, “Guys I didn’t do it this time. Suddenly Blue_Tornado signals you all over to where he stands and points histrionically up at the roof. Lightning flashes from outside the window (although there is no storm) and in this sudden display of light you see a man hanging there, having been hanged. Faecal matter drips down his leg, having lost control of his body as it convulsed when he struggled for air overnight. Daenym groans in disgust as he realises the stuff falling on his head has not been a mere roof leak, but the late macle’s last meal.

Captain Bagman rips off his shirt and scales the wall. Fire Blast gasps in awe of his rippling muscles and quickly puts a hand over his crotch, running to the toilet in order to “relieve himself”. Captain Bagman severs the rope with his teeth and jumps down from the ceiling cradling the body of the deceased macle. Avoiding looking at macle’s face, whose eyes are bulging from they’re sockets and has a slightly blue tinge, Captain Bagman searches his body. He finds a small scrap of paper folded into his upper shirt pocket. Macle, as beautiful as ever seems to let out a sigh of relief when the slip is taken from him, however this was only due to a post-mortem seizure. Ditto snatches the piece of paper away, excited to once again be the drama queen he longs to become. He reads in a proud and slightly effeminate voice which makes the returning Fire Blast once more flee to “relieve himself” with his hand covering his crotch:

You are Fozzie Bear.
You are allied with The Animals.

You are the resident comedian on The Muppet Show and Kermit the Frog’s best friend. In addition to this, you are absolutely adorable. Unfortunately your jokes are simply not funny, at all. The only reason you were accepted by the other animals is because Kermit convinced them to let you join.

At night you may pm Milton Bradley and Hasbro with “Night X – Tell ALIAS a joke”. You will tell alias a joke, which you will include in the body of your pm (it doesn’t have to be a joke, it can be anything). ALIAS will find this joke so hilarious that they will need to tell everyone this joke by putting it in all of their posts, and they must post at least once or they risk dying of laughter which simply cannot be contained.

You know that Kermit the Frog, your best friend, is USER.

You win if all Humanoids and Mahna Mahna are killed.
Wild Eep wakes up again and begins to say something, something which was probably important. However he sees macle’s body laying before him and the best he can manage is a squeak before passing out again. “If he keeps falling like that he will suffer frontal lobe injuries,” Bob_Squob remarks.

“That’s assuming he actually has a brain,” smirks LifeAdmiral.

Growing tired of the inane dribble coming out of everyone’s mouths imperfectluck takes the stand. “We must avenge the deaths of our brothers let us have a vote!” His rage is clearly visibly in his eyes, his mouth forming a thin line of anger. “Let us vote at once, we will kill the one who did this.”

He pauses for effect, and raises his eyes to look out at the crowd. His jaw drops and his eyes open as far as they can, which isn’t very far. You all spin around and see what he has seen. Plastered across the back wall of the theatre, about 2 metres off the ground is the remains of a body. Suddenly, it falls off the wall. “I know who this is,” claimed Quagsires, “it is LifeAdmiral! He must have been killed while imperfectluck was giving his speech!”

A piece of paper had been slotted into a hole in his skull, for the rest of his body had been blown apart. Ditto grasped it with a smile of pure ecstasy on his face. He cleared his throat and read:

You are Julian Jeremy Jaroo Jalloo.
You are allied with the Humanoids.

You are not originally from the Muppet Theatre, and instead from the Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss. You are a boy who had to move, but didn't want to. The Cat in the Hat took you on a trip to the future in order to see all the people you would meet if you did move. Throughout this travel in time, you somehow ended up in the middle of the fighting.

At night you may PM Ditto and Crux with "Night X - Take trip to see USER". You will go on a trip with the Cat in the Hat in order to meet USER in the future. Once in the future, they will introduce themselves to you and you will learn their Role Name.

You win if all Animals and Assorted Monsters are killed.
Someone says something but all you could catch is something about worshipping. Who would want to worship anyone at a time like this you think to yourself. You all begin to part ways, some groups being noticeably shorter than they had started out as. “Thank God I’m not a Muppet Labs member,” someone says, and you can’t help but agree with them.

Suddenly a voice shouts from nowhere:

hi guys ginganinja here still looking for Humanoid claims. Please hurry up as its already Day 2.

I Worship Imperfectluck
You all look around, mildly confused and awestruck by that annoying New Zealand accent. Suddenly Aura_Guardian gets down on his knees and also shouts, “I WORSHIP IMPERFECTLUCK!”

“Who cares about worshipping imperfectluck?” Says Crux in response to what seemed to be ginganinja’s announcement. “The Kiwis are going to get smashed by Australia in the world cup anyway.”

In this ruckus you also notice that masterful has gone missing, you don't know where though. Additionally Daenym has returned.

Ginganinja blushes in embarrassment, for he knows this is undeniably true. Every begins to part ways once more. You will reconvene here in order to pass judgement later, but for now it is time to convene with your faction and the members of others. Strike deals and then break them, backstab your friends and your enemies because you are no longer the friendly Muppets. You are creatures capable of murder. You are creatures of the night, creatures of evil. And only the strongest will survive.




i want it...
OK, All results should be out. If your actioin was successful you didnt get one. If you think you should have gotten one, pm me and ill fix it up for you.

Get to lynching!

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