I know when I'm losing, and so I don't hold up the game.

Lynch Quagsires

Oh, and for anyone unhappy with my role, do realize that Ginganinja has so kindly admitted that someone else (my guess of role name is Statler) has the exact same role, down to my kill. And I wouldn't call it a wolf either...

<ginganinja> well
<ginganinja> thats the exact same PM as some other person I know
<ginganinja> except he has a kill


i want it...
You are all greatly angered by last night's results; three of your best friends died terrible deaths. This rage you feel makes you want to kill someone, and, as this is a democratic society, you will vote to decide who you should kill, considering you don't want a massacre.

"Let's get Quagsires, he is ugly!" Shouts imperfectluck.

A resounding cry went out. You want Quagsires' head. Walrein, in his anger, picks up Quagsires and repeatedly bashes him against the wall! Wild Eep, shocked by this display of violence, faints like the little girl he is.

Walrein however, continues his assault of the wall using Quagsires' increasingly bloodied body unabashed. By the time Walrein is finished, there is nothing left of Quagsires, except for his blood on the wall. You all take three steps backwards, and you can see a message spelled out by Quagsires' blood. Ditto reads it out in his best Celine Dion impression:

You are Waldorf.
You are allied with yourself.

You are an ornery, disagreeable old man, who no one much likes, except for your partner in crime, Statler. You take great joy in criticizing every aspect of The Muppet Show and its participants. After The Muppet Show went bankrupt, you and Statler had a falling out when he killed your wife, Astoria.

At night you may PM Ditto and Crux with “Night X - Criticize USER”. You will spend hours attacking every aspect of USER’s life and they will become immensely depressed, committing suicide. USER will die. You may only do this on even numbered nights.

During the day, due to your incredible critiquing skills, you will be informed if the person who you cast your lynch vote after is one of your enemies.

You win if you outlive Miss Piggy, Gonzo and Mahna Mahna, as well as Statler.
With that, the first loser of Muppets Mafia is revealed to be Quagsires. You were right in your selection of a dangerous wolf to be your victim, or so you all agree.

All this lynching has made you very tired, so you leave the theatre and return to your dressing rooms, getting ready for a long, sleepless night. Nobody cares about Wild Eep's body, left laying on the cold theatre floor unconscious. Marinating in a puddle of his own urine, as he lost control of his bladder when he fainted. What a girl.

Night 2 will end 48 or so hours from the time of this post.


/me huggles
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You all reconvene upon the stage to decide what to do next. The tension in the theater has grown so much that you all refuse to speak to one another in public, However the silence is finally broken as you hear a familar voice.

"Guys! I'm back!" yells masterful, as runs up from the back of the theater.

You do a quick headcount and find that one of you is missing. After searching the surrounding area you all find Walrein under a pile of newly bloodstained instruments. Sticking out of his eyes are his own two drumsticks. Left on his body, as if to be a warning, was a note. Ditto reads it in the hopefully comforting voice of your good friend Big Bird.

You are Animal.
You are allied with the Assorted Monsters.

You are an odd red monster and a crazed percussionist. You have three styles of music: loud, louder and deafening. You speak in a guttural voice and seem to be capable of very few words. Your life revolves around 5 things: sex, sleep, food, drums and pain.

Once during the game, during the day, you may post BEAT DRUMS! BEAT DRUMS! The person with the most votes in the lynch will be saved, and the lynch will be redirected onto the person with the second greatest number of votes.

You win if all Humanoids and Muppet Labs are killed.
While you all stood over the dead body, a large frog drops from the fly system within the theater onto the stage. It swiftly takes out a knife and stabs Solstice several times before disappearing back into the rafters. A note falls from the sky. It seems to be a file on Solstice, given to the supposed frog hitman. Angered and jealous of all of Ditto's readings, Crux grabs the file and reads it in his normal, surprisingly feminine voice.

You are Gonzo.
You are allied with the Assorted Monsters.

You think that you are great at everything. To put it simply, you are wrong. Whilst you can do many things, you are really good at nothing. You are a weird little blue monster and the resident Jack of All trades, good at none.

At night you may PM Ditto and Crux with “Night X – ACTION USER”, where ACTION is one of Hook, Inspect or Safeguard. You may only do this once every two nights. Because you are not really good at anything you are very slow at completing your actions.

You win if all Humanoids and Muppet Labs are killed.
In all the confusion, it seems that Terrador has gone missing. After looking for him for all of three minutes you decide it is a lost cause.

With the death toll rising and no end in sight, you all gather in the seats to decide who must go in order to restore peace to this theater once more.



i want it...
You all gather around Flounder with manic expressions on your faces, your thirst for blood is becoming insatiable. Flounder wildly flits about, an expression of pure fear in his eyes, realising what monsters the Muppets have become. He starts tp scream something, but theangryscientist jumps at him with a Staff of the Cosmic Whole and blasts him into oblivion. The largest part of Flounder you could find is his role pm:
You are Luncheon Counter Monster.
You are allied with the Assorted Monsters.

You are a very hungry purple monster who made his debut on The Muppet Show. You are one of the most prolific background monsters and are most famous for your enormous appetite. You will eat anything you can lay your filthy paws on.

At night you may PM Ditto and Crux with “Night X – Eat USER”. You will devour USER, protecting them from all actions that target them during the night. You will spit them out once the night is done because Muppets don’t taste very nice.

You win if all Humanoids and Muppet Labs are killed.
Night 3 will end on Monday, 18 July, at 6:00pm, AEST (GMT +10). Sorry for the delayed update today, real life got in the way.

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