Project 1v1 Core Laddering Challenge [Challenge #5; Deadline January 23]


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The first rudimentary version of the hall of fame is live! In the future I will change it to be listed per-user rather than per-challenge. The highest elo for each cycle will remain in the format it's currently in, and obviously I promised there would be team highlights which don't exist yet but I'll get to that as well

magnezone/tapu lele pair is pretty cool. the third mon for them is quite hard to see who would fit though. currently i'm using urshifu rapid strike for all the fire and steel types, but it still feels lackluster. even so, this is the fastest i've ever reached lol
ill update gold and platinum (i doubt ill reach platinum) later in this post :psytear:

update: so like im a dumbass and didnt realize 1450 was the limit to silver. i did reach it but i didnt screenshot it, and im not gonna say "bUT I REACHED IT STILL" without proof. so the screenshot just now is deleted and ill try to Actually reach silver because i dropped down (hard)

update 2:

i somehow managed to reach silver for real this time. god, g o d im gonna cry
yk i was thinking of using lele scarf, but then the disablers and sturdies came in and ruined my day. so i decided why not use a Wide Lens Focus Blast lele with Skill Swap. and just to stab/jab those poison jabbers back, i made lele with full def invesment. which, no, does not survive a choice band sadly. let alone iron tail if it hits. but honestly i couldnt care less but screw haxorus and i dont wanna keep switching sets and stuff all the time unless i meet the opponent over and over again
(also its funny when the opponent with a shedinja assume theyre safe when im just here going "heh, fire punch"
here's the team if anyone wants to try.


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Challenge 3 is officially over

Congratulations to XSTATIC COLD for getting #1 for this cycle.

The rest of the rankings are as follows:
Magnezone + Tapu Lele
Platinum: smely socks XSTATIC COLD
Gold: bo_bobson27 Here Comes Team Charm! Justdelemon XanderUrBoi
Silver: doc1203 kalifguest22 lavarina MiNi Charizard-x Nick.see RLplayer RobDog747 SJ_SJ ciarion Eiffel-Hit
Bronze: Ad067 idkgoodnames ncalathes Fleeting Memories

Anyone who ranked Platinum or above will be recorded in the hall of fame as soon as possible, if you got Platinum you may send me one of the teams you actively used to be featured alongside your name in the Hall of Fame.

A quick notice
After Challenge 4 ends, there will be a short 2 week break in CLC. After that, the next challenge will continue as usual at the 26th of December.

Challenge #4
Two cores like you're used to, one conventional, one slightly out there. I hope you have fun!

Core A
Bronze: 1325
Silver: 1450
Gold: 1575
Platinum: 1700

Core B
Bronze: 1300
Silver: 1425
Gold: 1550
Platinum: 1700

Names for this cycle must start with 1vCLC 4a for Celesteela and 1vCLC 4b for Centiskorch.
This Cycle ends at December 12th 2021, at 6AM UTC
gonna post my stuff here because yes
also just wondering but why is my name not on silver? i did post it—

Bronze Time

imagine doing homework, cant be me. also first time using centiskorch so thats coolio. except the amount of water, flying and ground types here in early laddef is just, oh boi.
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