Project 1v1 Core Laddering Challenge [Challenge #5; Deadline January 23]


smogon glitched me several times when i tried to edit my post (its my phone, not the site dw) so ye. gonna not do that
anyway now that im awake, yes i did play immediately when i woke up, i can finally actually analyze how is centiskorch. and all i can say is lmao fire lash is great. but im forced to use a charti berry for this guy's rock weakness because it's, very slow.


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I'm sorry I'm extremely overworked so I will wait to post the results of the 4th cycle until I have time to process them (tomorrow at the latest).

there will not be a 5th cycle either, CLC is taking a break as planned, the next cycle will start at the 26th, the day after Christmas


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Challenge 4 is officially over
well, it was a few days ago but yknow

Congratulations to Here Comes Team Charm! and Justdelemon for getting #1 for this cycle.

The rest of the rankings are as follows:
Platinum: Nothing to see here
Gold: Justdelemon LeCehlou XSTATIC COLD
Silver: bo_bobson27 Eiffel-Hit Here Comes Team Charm! MiNi Charizard-x
Bronze: doc1203 RLplayer

Platinum: Nothing to see here
Gold: bo_bobson27 Justdelemon XSTATIC COLD
Silver: lavarina VeprenToin
Bronze: charizard8888 doc1203

Anyone who ranked Platinum or above will be recorded in the hall of fame as soon as possible, if you got Platinum you may send me one of the teams you actively used to be featured alongside your name in the Hall of Fame.

No Cycle for now!
As announced, CLC will resume on December the 26th
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Felucia does the celesteela challenge count for me since i played both steela and centi on the same account? or not
cause i had 1553 with steela too, so technically better than hctc :D
I decided I was going to let you have the double alt for the Gold medal, but not for the top ladder position. It's way easier to stay on top of ladder with 1 alt than with 2, so that'd be a big unfair advantage


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Hello everyone
As you may have noticed, there's currently a Suspect Test going on. In order not to interfere with the suspect ladder, CLC will be taking a second 2 week break. This unfortunately means that the Delibird cycle I had planned for the holidays will not happen, but that might be a plan for next year.

While we wait for the next cycle, don't forget to have fun on ladder and participate in other 1v1 projects, and feel free to send me suggestions for the next CLC cycle on this thread or privately!


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Challenge #5
We're back after a longer than anticipated break! Let's get back to laddering everyone. As always, alternate formes are allowed.

Core A
Bronze: 1350
Silver: 1500
Gold: 1650
Platinum: 1700​

Core B
Bronze: 1325
Silver: 1450
Gold: 1600
Platinum: 1700​

Core C
Bronze: 1300
Silver: 1425
Gold: 1550
Platinum: 1700

Names for this cycle must start with 1vCLC 5a for Urshifu, and 1vCLC 5b for Kartana and 1vCLC 5c for Heracross.
This Cycle ends at January 23rd 2021, at 6AM GMT
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