Project 1v1 Core Laddering Challenge [Challenge #5; Deadline January 23]


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Kart tanks ada hax CC and pz hyperbeam and eleki thunder and outspeeds hax. Rhyp tanks BandoT EQ and AV Drago's Swipe->Draco and speedcreeps uninvested Registeel. Moltg tanks adaband shifu CC and modspecs naga draco and outspeeds steela.
3-0d by specs mfire sylv, band Lugg, and probably AV drago. lmk if u got improvements, or if I missed stuff etc.
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Shifu tanks adaband darmg giga. Roserade is max speed for speedties and tanks 2 +1 fini icy winds and jolly band zera outrage. Diancie is straight from the comp. it tanks adaband hax EQ and dumps rest in spd for naga rolls.
3-0d by band garchomp, scizor, lando-i, and fire move zera (and maybe something else).
You can run fire punch on shifu for scizor and ice punch for garchomp. Or you can use this cursed shifu rapid set. fire move zera is a 3-0 tho :(
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