OM 1v1PL Signups - Post draft discussion

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Player name: GeneralGunderson
Tiers Played: All
Timezone: CET (GMT +1)
Significant time missed: I´ve school between 8.30 AM my time- max 15:40 my time (CET) so I will probably not be on at those times. Also thursday evenings I wont be at home between 17:30 my time-about 22:00 my time (CET) (Edit: I wont be home between April 2nd and April 8th/9th as I will be travelling)
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Player Name: Cofaiclus
Tiers Played: all
Timezone : +11
Significant Time Missed?: Lemme check *scrolls though calendar* No
Just so you know i haven't play a single 1v1 game ever, I'm just doing this so i can.
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