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Okay, so Good Luck Varsity is a really good pop punk band. Yeah, I know I see a bunch of these since my friend books them a bunch, but that doesn't make them any less good. They just released this the other day.
New GBV is much better than their previous releases as of late. There's a song in particular on the album that is on par with stuff from Bee Thousand. It's called White Flag and it is 2 minutes of pure perfection.

Fuck, new Deftones is fucking fantastic. I haven't liked an album from them in so long and this one is honestly jizztastic.

I'm rather happy to see a really good showing of new albums as the year starts wrapping up. CC, GBV, and Deftones have made some great late-year efforts.
Gonna try my first ever post on here I guess!

There's been a lotta great stuff out this year for me, I'll try and keep to my most-favourite stuff or I'll get out of hand.

Lil B - God's Father
Track: Bitch Im Bussin

Lil B is easily my favourite rapper, and maybe music maker period, around today, he's put out so much amazing stuff this year, God's Father has been my favourite so far, a lot has come close though. It's a really long mixtape, it's like 2 hours long, and almost every track is killer, and you see so many different styles and facets of Lil B. I've seen him live the 2 times he's been in London and both times were incredible. I'm a big Lil B fanboy.

i've really never looked at lil b as anything more than a total (if impressive) gimmick, but this song is absolutely fucking beautiful and i can't stop listening to it


Banned deucer.
all the beats on "gods father" are ridiculously well chosen and unlike most of his other tracks

its really an amazing album
New Odesza and Cinnamon Chasers albums are pretty cool, both chill electronic music. Nothing really outstanding, but overall, they are pleasant listens.

Also, Crystal Fighters announced their European tour dates... Only 6 locations, but at least they'll be coming to Amsterdam. Hoping to get my hands on some tickets!


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i've really never looked at lil b as anything more than a total (if impressive) gimmick, but this song is absolutely fucking beautiful and i can't stop listening to it
I only listened to it because of this post and holy shit does that Donnie Darko song make a great, ethereal beat

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that lil b song sounds like lil wayne if he could make good beats. i generally like lil b as a rule, and that song is great for sure, but if it was a more mainstream rapper (ie lil wayne) i don't think it'd get as much love
new forgetters album is pleasantly surprising, every new album blake schwarzenbach releases sounds less and less like jawbreaker


sounds like the verve pipe meets 2004 dance punk meets emotion, its super weird but catchy


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Wait is lilb that based god guy?
cos he's pretty awesome
nearly as cool as soulja boy

holy shit I just searched for bitch I look like goku and it wasn't on youtube I was so fucking terrified it was gone forever
but then I realized I was missing a space.
still totes there
sigh of relief

I am an absolute sucker for old school death metal, and this brings the goods. Pretty great release from the band every retro dm band is trying their hardest to sound like (well, either these guys or Entombed anyway).
Waiting anxiously for My Bloody Valentine's new album. I just really want it to blow my mind like their previous two LPs did - the fact that the gap has been 21 years does worry me a bit, I'm just hoping Kevin Shields' perfectionism will still shine through.
Sara Bareilles is releasing a new EP. If you go to her website, you can download her song Stay for free. All you have to do is share it on Twitter.

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