2012 music

Hopefully this is the year we get a new vampire weekend album. They were in recording studios this past November, so my fingers are crossed.
All I'm hoping for in 2012 is a decrease in the amount of Dubstep being hyped and produced. I'm quite excited to see what 2012 DnB is going to give us, RAM are nurturing some young talent, I've heard exciting things might be coming from hospital and a lot of the smaller labels are starting to produce some top quality stuff too!
Eyvind Kang and Rodrigo Y Gabriela are going to release new material later this month

more stuff that might be worthwhile: new Drudkh, Rush, Blind Guardian, Kreator, Running Wild, Deströyer 666, Naglfar, Sonata Arctica, No-Man, Godflesh and Fear Factory

and hopefully they can finish them this year and release new Porcupine Tree, Blut Aus Nord, Circus Maximus and In Mourning
i'm only up to track 3 of glass kites's s/t, but my god it is incredible. it is very radiohead-y, but it's by no means a bad thing. i also picked up the following, none of which i have listened to yet:
Whoa, didn't really expect for them to pop up here. Really promising band, I agree.
Wow, I can't believe no one has mentioned Cursive - I am Gemini drops next month.

Yes, their albums have been getting progressively poorer since The Ugly Organ, but... still. It's Cursive.
I was hoping since Matt Bayles is producing there would be a decent change in sound from Mama, I'm Swollen, but from what I've heard this could maybe even be worse. Probably not though. Mind you, I still kind of enjoy Mama, I'm Swollen if only for the first 3 tracks so I've still got hopes.

Xiu Xiu is putting out a new single on monday and then Idunno maybe their album is coming out this month or next I'm not sure. I AAAM pretty excited for the new Foxy Shazam too even though I don't think I'll like it as much as The Flamingo Trigger or their self-titled.


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I got the one free download from Cursive's new album "The Sun and Moon" and after a couple listens... I'm pretty lukewarm on it. They're way too polished these days, I miss the absolute ferocity and rawness of their early records.
I am quite looking forward to what Armin van Buuren will produce. 2011 saw the Mirage Remix album, and Universal Religion 5, and we know that ASOT 550 will be big this year. As for what else, maybe he'll do some more tours here in the East coast of the United States.


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new maccabees album out today :D

has anyone heard any of it? what.cd seems to be down so i can't get hold of it yet :(
Any opinions on the new Of Montreal album?

First listen at the moment and it has some really good songs ("Ye, Renew the Plaintiff" is amazing), but I'm missing the consistency of prior records.
so skeptical of atd-i reunion, it's been eleven years - i don't know if they're really going to produce another album of Relationship of Command's caliber...
new xiu xiu this year apparently, im not that into dear god i hate myself but whatever its xiu xiu
So um I missed this upon first looking at the Coachella lineup, but not only have At The Drive-In reformed but Refused have as well. Apparently it's a good time to be a fan of post-hardcore?
I'm completely addicted to the new Shins song, Simple Song. I'm actually very excited for their album now that I've gotten a taste.

I'm also in love with the artwork they've chosen for the album and single.
New Shins? Delicious. Digging this song.

Also, any chance the At the Drive-In reunion results in a new album?
I don't really care about them putting out another album. But I bet if they did it would be sweet. Sparta and the Mars Volta are really just two halves of At the Drive-in going off on a tangent in my opinion. The Mars Volta has all the neat-o (or not so neato) experimentation and angular guitar lines and Sparta's got the post-hardcore song structures and riffs and whatnot.

The new Xiu Xiu is pretty good idunno it didn't make me cream or anything but it sounds like the album is pretty promising.

I gueess I'll check out the new of Montreal even though my opinion of that band ranges from 'pretty enjoyable' to 'fuck this, fuck this so hard'.
Share your thoughts, guys.

Here's what I listened to in the past few days:

  • New TEE album (Trans Europe Express) is great. They are some japanese instrumental progressive rock band with LOTS OF FLUTE.
  • Like I already said, Paralytic Stalky by Of Montreal has some really good songs, but too much nonsense in-between.
  • The Maccabees' Given to the Wild is good, but they sound way too unoriginal now. I wish they'd kept that quirky indie pop from their debut.
  • Paul McCartney will release a compilation of standards (the genre) next month. It sucks.
  • RPWL, some german progressive rock band, really did a good job with Beyond Man and Time. Really catchy, but a bit too long (around 70 minutes I think).
  • I don't quite get the hate towards The Big Pink. They are not really great, but Future This is some catchy sugary indie electronic.
Click the image to hear this amazing string-driven indie pop song:

This band sounds like they've got a lot going for them. I'm going to listen to the rest of their stuff to see if it is up to the same level this song provides.

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