2012 Tournament Tour [Round 1]

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2012 Tournament tour
Hosted by Django + FireMage
Approved by TD Team
Art by ium - Courtesy of the Artwork for Tournaments thread

2012 has been a whirlwind of a year; and the Tournaments haven’t disappointed. amongst them we have had tournaments that have stretched the imaginations and inspired the community to creatively team build using heavily set rules and restrictions and this tournament allows you to re-live just some of these moments. Each round will allow you to re-live a different tournament you might’ve missed/loved.

This Tournament will include rounds from the following tournaments;
R1: Tournament Of Thieves- Originally hosted by Foster-
R2: The Unscrupulous Tiering Director - OriginallyHosted by Eo Ut Mortus
R3: The Helping Hand Tournament- Originally Hosted by KnightoftheWind
R4: Mirror Match - Originally hosted by Eric The Espeon/Steven Snype
R5: The Single Pokémon Tournament- Originally hosted by FireMage
R6: The EO's Propostion Tournament - Originally hosted by Eo Ut Mortus
R7: The Adherence Tournament- Originally Hosted by MikeDecIsHere


  • All Smogon Tournament Rules apply - they can be viewed here
  • All Individual Tournament Rules apply - They will each be posted each round make sure you read and have understood each ruleset any questions will be answered by the host of the round as best as they can figure it out.
  • All Matches are Standard BW2 OU Unless the Host Specifies otherwise
  • Keep track of all logs. You may be asked to present them
  • All Standard Clauses are on (Unless a specific tournament requires them to be off) These are;

  • Wifi Clause
  • Species Clause
  • Sleep Clause
  • Evasion Clause
  • OHKO Clause
  • Battle Timeout
Any clause definitions can be found on the Tournament Rules page.

Activity, Extensions, and Johning
Activity wins will be based on the following things
- Users who post times/dates that they can play WILL get activity wins
- Users who post things like “I’m free to play sometime next week” or “We’re both online let’s play now” WILL NOT get an activity win.
- Activity win requests must be posted in order to get an activity win (If you can include a link to the VM conversation/Logs of what has been said between the two of you, that would be ace.)

Due to the amount of organisation needed and promptness of matches needing to get done - If you don’t make the round deadline and extension will NOT be given (Unless you are a few hours out) Each round is giving a long deadline for a reason,

“Johning” is frowned upon. By signing up you’ve agreed to play in this tournament. Please reply to all match posts as soon as you can - if you do find your opponent is “johning” give them a few days and try again. Offer suggestions and post timezones and post an activity post in the thread saying they haven’t replied in x amount of days - instead of going “Opp is johning” Is your opponent persistently johns - you can ask to sub them out but, prepare evidence before doing so.

Round 1 - Tournament of Thieves Rules

  • The team you use must be taken from the Smogon RMT forum. Additionally, it must be an OU team posted in 2012.
  • If the team was OU legal at the time it was posted, then it's fair game. This means you can use teams with Genesect, Tornadus-T etc, provided they were posted before those Pokemon were banned.
  • You may not use your own rate my teams in this tournament. If you do, you will be disqualified.
  • If a team is edited, you may use the original version of the team or the current version.
  • You must send your team to me with the link of the thread. No changes may be made to that team.
  • You must send your log to me after your match has been completed. Send both of these AFTER your match has been completed. You can either PM me or post in the thread, it makes no difference.

17. Jayde vs 42. Vinc2612
30. Asek vs 7. Eo Ut Mortus
41. Phoenix512 vs 28. WeegeeTheHaxer
49. Pokemonrocks777 vs 46. Lady Bug
13. Deluks917 vs 11. Valentine
54. Morgenstern vs 55. Shartruce2
51. Kennen vs 60. Raseri
27. SoulWind vs 36. Marshall.Law
59. LivingRhino vs 53. Rewer
58. BROStime vs 43. kael
37. Ada vs 3.~Greencore
56. MapleDoom vs 35. Dragonuser
16. CBTerrakion vs 20. Double01
9. Novaray vs 15. CrashinBoomBang
8. TheFourthChaser vs 6. .Robert
18. Demist vs 52. complete legitimacy
57. sasami vs 29. Hangover
62. Jirachi vs 14. Rodan
50. iiZqHD vs 47. Myzozoa
38. Darkloic vs 48. FLCL
26. llvallejoll vs 1. Shining Latios
4. El Geek vs 19. Princess Brii
33. Blue Eon vs 22. xxOUTRAGExx
21. MadBull vs 25. Bandicoot
40. relaunched vs 5. H-C
34. Yosh Silis vs 64. King
44. Remedy vs 63. Lokt
45. Lapras6666 vs 61. Ginku
39. McMeghan vs 24. Level 51
23. ShakeItUp vs 12. The Unlucky One
10. papai noel vs 2. Mithril
31. Lavos Spawn vs 32. Pan.

Deadline is Sunday the 10th of February
gg man, RP Gene too strong. Really made me remember how broken the meta was in comparison to now. Gene is hella worse than current rain.
Just as a quick note to everyone, if you haven't already submited stuff for Helping Hand, Mirror Match or Unscrupulous Tiering Director You may still do so (Deadline for Unscupulous Tiering director is a 8th Feb) - PM Me with your submissions for each.

Note - ALL Helping Hand / Mirror Match teams Will Count toward those rounds - The more we get the better variety of mons you can use.
Tiering Director votes will only count for those who make it through to that round
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