2012 Tournament Tour [Round 1]

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Robert hasn't told me when he can play yet but I'm sure it'll get done. Also, there should've been some in-thread way of telling when the opponent had sent a team in since I'm sure more people than myself have no idea if they're even ready to go.

Won vs Robert in a good game. Thank you for putting up with the worst internet connection possible.

At the moment it looks like H-C and I will not be able to complete our battle by the deadline. If this is indeed true, one of us will get an activity win. I think that I deserve the activity win for contacting him about playing well before the deadline and never getting a response. On the other hand, not mentioning being gone on the weekend until today was quite foolish, which is a point against me.

As I will not be on Smogon for the next two days, I will not respond to any messages regarding this in that time period.

That's all.
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