2017/18 (Soccer) Football Thread

Who do you reckon will win it though?
On paper, France and Germany have talented squads but you need more than talent to win tournaments. Look at Portugal drawing their way to victory last Euro.
I'm Portuguese so I was happy that they won, I think Brazil or Argentina can make a statement too this year
Nah, we're still here :-)

Couple of naive mistakes from the young TAA decided the game. Not the end of the world since our target is Top 4.
With luck, you might drop points twice (you have City I think) to allow us to nab 2nd :-P
UEFA couldn't have fixed a more boring draw for the semis. We make it to the last 8 and got an English team while Barca, Madrid and Bayern avoid each other. The 4 spots left should be easy to guess too (not confident against City).

Meanwhile, Jose seems to be having a meltdown for some reason.

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