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With the start of 2021, it's time to announce the LC tournament schedule for the year. This thread will lay out the structure and schedule for the official 2021 LC Circuit, a series of tournaments to earn points where the top 12 players will compete in a best of three, single elimination championships to earn a ribbon (
) for their badgeset, as well as other major tournaments not affiliated with the LC Circuit.

The format for the 2021 circuit will be unchanged from the 2020 circuit. We will be using the point system explained in this thread with Type A, B and C Tournaments having point ratios of 3:2:1. In other words, the maximum number of points earnable for Type A, B, and C Tournaments will be 500, 333, and 166 points respectively. Playoffs will still be among the top 12 players from the 2021 circuit tours with the top 4 seeds receiving a bye for the first round. In addition, we will be keeping the same replay requirements as last year. For all circuit tournaments bar the LC Open, replays will be required starting in Round 2 of the winners bracket and Round 3 of losers bracket (in tournaments with a losers bracket). This is both to encourage higher quality games throughout the 2021 circuit as well as aid metagame development. Reminders of this will be posted in tournament threads.

The schedule for the 2021 LC Circuit tournaments is as follows.

Type A
Winter Seasonal:
February 7th - early May
LC Open: April - early June
Fall Seasonal: August 28th - November

Type B
LC Swiss Tournament:
September 19th - November
LC Majors: May 16th - early July

Type C
LC Ladder Tour: March 7th - mid April

Single elimination tours will use this for scoring and double elimination tours will use this. Note that the listed point values are for Type A Tournaments, Type B and C Tournaments will use ratios of 3:2 and 3:1 for equivalent placements.

**NEW** Due to playoff size and overall circuit schedule concerns, the LC Swiss Tournament will use an abbreviated Type B point distribution. Points will be earned based on record during the swiss rounds. The top finisher will receive 333 points, the immediate runner ups record-wise will receive 100 points, and all players in the next record group below will be given 26 points.

Team Tournaments will also be held throughout the year. The schedule for these is as follows.

Little Cup Premier League: June - August
Little Cup World Cup: December - 2022
Visual of schedule:

This thread will be updated to announce signups for each tour and other major updates. Best of luck to everybody!
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