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I apologize for the lack of activity on the ban front the last few weeks, but I am here now to inform that Chazm and I discussed a few topics of concern, and we will be moving ahead with three bans - Zacian-Crowned, Calyrex-Shadow, and Moody. Each of the bans shouldn't need much explaining, but to recap what was discussed - Zacian-C is as oppressive as it was in other metagames, and forces the use of Slowpoke, Hippopotas, or other fringe Zacian answers to properly prepare for it. Calyrex-S has probably even fewer defensive checks, but it demands a dark type to properly check it, which is difficult to fit in the current meta thanks to Zacian-C. Moody is just a classic case of RNG, and I'm not sure why this was missed when making the ban list, but it's being rectified now.

One other topic that we discussed but will not be moving forwards with at this time is a Pawniard unban - if the shakeup from Zacian-C, Calyrex-S, and Moody bans permits us, Pawniard could see a chance to return. For now, we'll wait and see how the bans pan out.

Tagging Kris to implement these when he can. Thanks!


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It has been brought to my attention (thanks Eli) that Wishiwashi, with a measly 175 BST, would actually still qualify for stat doubling even after stat doubling once. I would like to propose a modification to game mechanics that would allow for any mon that is still sub-350 BST after doubling (which is literally only Wishiwashi) have their stats doubled again. This would give Wishiwashi a final stat spread of 180/80/80/100/100/160, and it would still be pretty mediocre, but hasn't Wishiwashi suffered enough? Doesn't it deserve our help?

Thank you for your time.

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