$500 Prize Pool BW Doubles OU Tour - Round 1 (A and B)


a pinned butterfly is no butterfly at all
hey Checkmater I know for a fact you forgot about round 2 for flight A so here's your notification
Ah yeah I'll have R2 for bracket A up by tonight, sorry

Anyone who enters as a sub from this point forward will be filling in for activity calls, not put into the bottom seed of the bracket and guaranteed to get into the tour.


a pinned butterfly is no butterfly at all
The following is a log of my activity calls (for flight A), flips were made in the PS room:

yellow kid vs GustavoYAY yellow kid responded to the vm GustavoYAY made, but GustavoYAY did not respond back
Brancus vs TUO no vms from either side - flip went to TUO
Robert vs Sultan of Skook Sultan of Skook didn't respond to vm
BlueIvy vs @Zain4s4. they scheduled and vm'd at the same time about what server to use but the game never happened? - flip goes in favor of Zain4s4 but perhaps I made a mistake of some kind - please provide game replays if you did actually play the game
Derivatives vs M Rodrigues M Rodrigues didn't respond to vm's, Derivatives gets the act win
n1n1 vs banks n1n1 posted on banks wall but got no response, so this goes to n1n1
DurzaOffTopic vs BLINGAS Durza didn't respond to a follow-up vm
hexed vs Heart Doom no vms, flip went to hexed
Dollainthewoods vs Escoffier no vms, flip went to Escofflier
feel da rain vs Croven time was agreed on, but both forgot??? Croven says he forgot.. flip went to Croven but if feel da rain can provide logs showing he/she showed up on schedule he/she wins this one
FlamingVictini vs Go0d no vms, flip went to Go0d
MONNA LUSA vs Lashum MONNA LUSA did not respond to vm
nerd of now vs Zhro no vms, flip went to Zhro

If any mistakes were made / I missed some stuff, simply message me or notify me and I'll fix it.

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