5th Gen OU Analysis Index - 89 BW2 Revamps On Site!


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Since they're minor and don't need to be posted ASAP, taking Victini and Slowking

PK Gaming

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Effective immediately:

No more reservations are to be made at this time. We're currently undergoing some changes and we would appreciate it if people would stop posting reservations & skeletons at this point in time.

Stay tight people.

Great Sage

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We had some unexpected issues with opening OU analyses due to the extremely large size of the OU userbase and the great importance of some of the analyses. We have decided that the cleanest way to resolve this is to restart reservations, which will reopen tomorrow; all prior reservations are declared moot, and will have to be remade.

Some analyses are particularly important to write or update, and thus the following list of Pokemon cannot be reserved; we will personally choose the writers for these analyses:

Amoonguss - Eo Ut Mortus
Breloom - Seven Deadly Sins
Haxorus - PK Gaming
Hydreigon - PK Gaming
Keldeo - harsha
Kyurem - jc104
Landorus-T - Seven Deadly Sins
Salamence - AccidentalGreed
Thundurus-T - Nachos
Tornadus-T - Tobes


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Reserving Landorus again (assuming that reservations are in fact open). I'll keep ditto too unless three analyses is too many.

edit: before anyone does anything, they should probably make sure that the pokemon in question needs an update. For example, Mamoswine does not, according to Rey's thread (subject to change mind). Also, I'd wait to make sure reservations are definitely open before writing a skeleton.


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I'd like to reserve Latios again, and since I already have QCs, can I just get my previous thread unlocked please?

Edit: Nevermind it was binned.

Seven Deadly Sins

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attn: everyone

i'm currently updating the OP with a list of Pokemon that are allowed to be reserved

at that time any pokemon not on that list will have their reservations wiped


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attn: everyone

I updated the OP earlier based on the QC threads currently in the subforum

If SDS or any other member of OU QC feels that there are any other Pokemon that deserve an analysis (as I noticed that there were a bunch of Pokemon analyses that haven't been addressed yet), do feel free to edit the OP (if you're a mod) or PM me (if you aren't), but please remember that if you do edit the OP to please change all of the analysis counts as well as it is really rather annoying if I have to try to work out what you've changed in order to update everything related to it

Also SDS you currently have four analyses reserved - was wondering whether you wanted to drop any of them as that seems like quite a fair amount of work


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Although this is adding a substantial amount of work to my workload (which now consists of a literally gigantic monster named Salamence), I'd like to reserve Kingdra, as always.
Alright, Jirachi's mine then.
I think it's best that you leave Jirachi's revamp to someone more experienced. It's a huge analysis and is quite a daunting task to revamp, not to mention its one of the most important Pokemon in OU. No offense intended to you or your writing ability, but I'm just recommending you to start with something easier...
Lost Breloom Analysis, just because I'm no staff member .. cool ..

Anyways, I guess I'll just give Heracross a shot. Let's see how much potential it has in OU.
Give me a few days to get up my stuff since I'm leaving florida atm. reserving toxicroak and maybe jirach if that guy will let me..

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