5th Gen OU Analysis Index - 89 BW2 Revamps On Site!


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pttp is not working on Hitmontop anymore, so it's up for grabs! It is only 1 QC check and 2 GP checks away from going on-site, too. Whoever wants to finish this up needs to finish the prose that ballabrown started writing.
Just a notification! Jumpluff is ready for QC Checks and stuff while accelgor's skeleton has been written (everything is welcome, even QC checks if it deserves it)


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Oh dang I'm reserving Mienshao! I have a lot of experience with the muskrat so I feel that I could whip right through that analysis.
Sorry, my parents discourage me to go to this site now and do not like this stuff. I am sorry but it looks like I'll have to quit Smogon. Please remove Froslass. I am sorry to all I caused trouble. Froslass can be taken by someone else. :((((
Hey not sure if this is the place, but I'm wondering about a possible mistake in the Ferrothorn analysis. The current entry says: Bulldoze vs. 4/0 Heatran: 69.1% - 81.5%
Bulldoze vs. 40/0 Magnezone: 70.1% - 83.8% for the CB set.

But here are the numbers I'm getting:

252+ Atk Choice Band Ferrothorn Bulldoze vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Heatran: 328-388 (101.23 - 119.75%) -- guaranteed OHKO


252+ Atk Choice Band Ferrothorn Bulldoze vs. 40 HP / 0 Def Magnezone: 308-364 (105.84 - 125.08%) -- guaranteed OHKO

I'm wondering if I was missing something.
I am reserving Magnezone. The current one talks about the improvements of BW, not BW2, having Politoed as recent in OO and Electivire, Shaymin, and Swampert in the Checks and Counters. There are also a bunch of stuff to be fixed and I am surprised noone caught this up yet or not doing the revamp. So, I will revamp it. Thanks!

EDIT: Skeleton is up!

Edit 2: Ready for QC Checks!


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I can take Magnezone; do you want to start from scratch with Glacier's analysis, or get to writing it off (fixing the prose) from where he was to save the time?

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