5th Gen Uber Analysis Index Mk II

Reserving Terrakion revamp. I'll probably be a bit slow on this, though, since Grand Slam is going on.

Nevermind, I was more in the mood to do this than work on RU. So Terrakion is up now and ready for QC checks.


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Reserving Bisharp. I have used Bisharp before and am familiar of how it works in the current Ubers metagame.
that won't be necessary from what I can gather bisharp doesn't need any major changes so those can be handled over the scms, thanks for offering.
Why does the BW Darkrai "Other Options" have the physical set mentioned using Brick Break when Drain Punch outclasses it in every way? Should that be changed? There's really no reason to use Brick Break unless you're really scared of screens and plus Drain Punch gives it recovery which it can't get elsewhere.
I'm going to go on an scms spree once Palkia and Terrakion are done so I'll take care of that when I do. (unless Darkrai needs a revamp, I can't remember off the top of my head)

Speaking of Palkia, I forgot to post here to say I was doing the revamp.
Arceus-Electric doesn't seem to be in need of a revamp. It doesn't look like it even needs any scms changes.

If you want to participate, though, Fightceus and Scizor are in need of a revamp and Ghostceus can be taken over. Just make sure you have the experience with this pokemon to do an analysis about them.
I have more experience with Arceus electric but I think that a Specially defensive set is useful in this metagame. I tested one with greats results. I known that this thing is rarely used because other arceus forms exists, but is interesting. If no need revamp, i possibly talk about this set if moderators desire.
Scizor.....i prefer Genesect in Ubers, but...Why not? But i need test previously.

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