5th Gen Uber Analysis Index Mk II


Would you look at the time?
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I know it was reserved earlier but... since no one's done it (its been abandoned in a sense for a while) yet may I reserve Uber Tornadus-T?

EDIT: Placeholder link


Would you look at the time?
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May I reserve a revamp on Deoxys-a? The sets on site aren't exactly in tip-top shape and the generation shift actually transformed Deoxys-a a bit.
For example, Ice Punch on Deoxys-a is actually viable now since its the only move it has that dents Latias x_x. The analysis could also have some tweaks made to it :P. There's no mention of how useful entry hazards are to Life Orbed attacking Deoxys-a. There's also some slashing issues that may come up. Thunder is slashed as a main option for hitting Steels but I can't even recall the last time I considered using that since Superpower generally covers your steels...besides why you no HP Fire then? Entry Hazards on Deoxys-a are mentioned, but its advantages on using it, its ability to stop every spinner from spinning on it, isn't mentioned. There's more but now I feel like I'm ranting x_x.

Not making a placeholder just yet in case my proposal for a revamp is rejected.

EDIT: I have permission from trickroom and Furai, I'll make the placeholder tommorow.
EDIT 2: Placeholder is right here
Similar to Mr.lol and jackm, could I reserve the Suicide Lead set for Deoxys-S? The whole analysis in general could use some rewriting though at the very least the Suicide Lead set DEFINITELY would like an update in my opinion.

Mini-Rant/Argument thing:
From Furai's list of revamps:

Uber worthy?: obv.
Revamp worthy?: Why the fuck does Suicide Lead set has Signal Beam slashed................ that set needs redoing.
The Suicide Lead set is probably one of the most important sets in the Ubers metagame, but the problem is that it has an absolutely incredible case of slashitis (Signal Beam, Shadow Ball, and Lum Berry have slashes o.o) which definitely needs to be solved. Not only that, the Set Comments is 1 short paragraph while the Additional Comments puts on another just as short 2 paragraphs, which I feel is really short for such an important set (It doesn't even explain a few of the slashes -_-). As such, the writing probably needs to be redone almost entirely as Furai states.

While the other two sets aren't as much of a mess, they too are also pretty small in the actual writing, hell the whole analysis in general is just oddly short for such a great Pokemon in the metagame, but I'll revamp them if QC says I should when I post my placeholder.

Also want to wait on putting up a placeholder in case QC decides they could just SCMS this or something.
I was planning to post a new Ubers set for our old friend Magnezone.
Just asking for the reservation here. I've got a draft ready, waiting for the approval and I will post it ASAP.


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Alright, reserving Landorus-T. This analysis should have been done ages ago.

2nd of December update: Since Mewtwo's analysis really needs to get finished, I'm going to take over it as requested on IRC.
Reserving a Lugia revamp.
<ibojangles> sure. I asked Jibaku and Great Sage about it, Lugia definitely needs a revamp. Lugia analysis is now waiting for GP checks. Poppy wants to do the first one.

Colonel_M's Kyurem-B is fully written and awaiting GP checks. Great Sage gave me permission to write it up.


Would you look at the time?
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Reserving / making a case for a new Zekrom set.

Placeholder link will be edited in shortly.

EDIT: link to analysis is here
EDIT2: Analysis just got past QC Checks
EDIT 3: Tornadus-T is now done


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Triple posting to say I'm taking a shot at getting Gyarados through QC (Yes, I talked about this with some members of the QC team and they said it was fine...).

Analysis is ready for QC checks. Link is here.

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