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Since around 2012, OMs have been a small staple to building up Smogon further than it was prior. Throughout the course of several years, many fun and unique formats have been created and enjoyed upon by the Other Metagames community and many people have created strong playerbases dedicated to running resources and competitive tours for these formats. With each new generation, a new batch of OM formats are made and many players' experiences with them are cherished, but the notoriously favored old generation OM formats lose opportunities to retain attention. Old Gen OM formats are left to be shut out and unpopularized whenever a new generation comes and are often overshadowed by official old gen tiers or Unofficial Metagames in public monthly ladder voting. In order to resolve all of this and introduce OMs into a field where they can continue to be cherished in future generations, I introduce to you all, Retro-OMs!

Retro-OMs are a group of permaladder OM formats that have proven to be notoriously enjoyed by players in the past and are able to be used in order to expand Other Metagames further and integrate OM players into Ruins of Alph. For now, we have a selective list of two formats that will be introduced to this group:

Gen 7 Balanced Hackmons - A tiered Pokemon Ultra Sun/Ultra Moon-based format where nearly anything that can be hacked in and used in local battles is allowed. Examples of bans include Wonder Guard, OHKO Moves, Innards Out, and CFZ moves. Click the Gen 7 Balanced Hackmons link for further details about bans and the format itself.

Gen 6 Pure Hackmons - An untiered Pokemon Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire-based format where players can run anything they're able to hack and use in local battles. Click the Gen 6 Pure Hackmons link for further details about the format.

This is the early stage of this group. More updates on this will be added in the future, including formats and a possible rotational system around a few formats.

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