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In response to your cmt:
Unfortunately I don't see anything I like..
However, your thread does look very promising.
I can do the breeding project if you still need it. If I can grab 3 credits here, I'll send over the torchic and ludicolo?
Let me know. :)

Edit: (in response to your post)
Oh I won't be.. that's 1-2 am my time.
The torchic will take me a day or so.. Got to make some time for it. But we can figure all of that out in vm, if that's alright?
in response to your cmt

i'll take
448. Lucario
IV's: 31 HP | 31 Atk | 31 Def | 31 SpA| 31 SpD | 31 Spe
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Inner Focus
Egg Moves: Crunch
4) Level 45 as Lucario
EV's 252 Atk/ 6 Def /252 Spe
-Close Combat
-Sword Dance
-Ice Punch
Note : Despotar@So long.. Giveaways
full redis

... it was me who asked for my SID. still learning how to RNG
Hey there! I had no idea Xiphos was anything but a double-edged one-handed sword, hehe! It's a nice name though, hehe. :]

I would love to trade my Gallade for Amethyst, if that's alright. Since she is worth 3 credits, does that mean I need to trade two more pokes? Excuse my ignorance, I'm new to all of this. :P
please CMT for:

Hyper Cutter
40 HP / 252 Atk / 216 Spe
Lv.100, hatched at Battle Frontier.
~ Baton Pass
~ Rock Polish
~ Swords Dance
~ Taunt
Sure, you can pick out two more pokes that you like, or if you don't see anything I guess we can just trade one for one. :D
CMT Please

Modest: Speed Boost
OT: Trellis
ID: 19560
Tackle / Foresight
Note: Hidden Power - Ground: 70
Received in Trade.
Fully Redis.
Yanma UT: Tackle / Foresight

Got this in a trade from Beelzebub. According to him, it's fully redis.

Shiny Ralts
(ID - Smogon - 22704) (OT)

Nature: Timid Ability: Trace
Hidden Power: Ice 70 Location:
IVs: 31 HP | 30 Atk | 30 Def | 31 SpA | 31 SDef | 31 Spd
Avaiable UT LV 1
Will o Wisp

From acetrainerzx. According to him it's Full Redis.

Both at UT
Hey there, I really like this:

Shiny Ralts
(ID - Smogon - 22704) (OT)

Nature: Timid Ability: Trace
Hidden Power: Ice 70 Location:
IVs: 31 HP | 30 Atk | 30 Def | 31 SpA | 31 SDef | 31 Spd
Avaiable UT LV 1
Will o Wisp

Let me know when a good time to trade is. :)
Oh, and I can change my Skitty's NN for ya.


Obsessive Collecting Disorder
Hi mate, when do you think I can pick up that Ralts? :)

And I'm sorry about that misunderstanding about that EV training again, so only this one credit is enough. :)
In response to your CMT:
Strangely, it turns out I don't actually have that shiny Skorupi in stock at the moment... So I'll make you a deal: if you trade Buckert for it and give me 4 clones, I'll give nickname one of them Graffias and trade it back to you.
Wow, i've been away for too long. So much work, what with my final year of High School under way, haven't had time to run a trade thread. Still, i just cleared up a huge log of assignments, so i'm good to go in terms of running a thread. Slowly, but surely, i'll get back to trading. Slowly.

In the meantime, i just learnt to RNG:

Inner Focus
31/31/31/31/31/24 (HP Ice 64)
Caught in Victory Road

First RNG capture, love this little guy (its design is one of my faves from Gen V, so CUTE!).

Secondly, all pokemon that i used to offer for trade are now unavailable. I have no way to port multiple clones of them to my Black Cartridge, as my Flashcart doesn't yet support Black and White, and hence i will also be requiring the services of a cloner to conduct trades (I prefer if you can clone, as that makes my job that much easier).
Finally, after a day of searching, the perfect Mienfoo!

It's past 1am here, and I should be asleep as I have school tomorrow. This was my last RNG before bed.

30/31/30/11/31/31 (HP Ice 70)
Caught in Dragonspiral Tower
Caught in Ultra Ball

Oh yeah, finally got this baby! Been searching all day for this guy, so sad I wasted my Premier ball on the last Mienfoo, so I ended up having to Ultra Ball this guy, but it's great anyways, and i've never been one to care about poke balls regardless.

This is the best spread RNG Reporter gave me for HP Ice, perfect Attack, SpD, Speed, along with almost flawless HP and Def. I love this guy, perfect for a Physical Attacker!

I <3 Mienfoo! :)
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