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Hello! Newcomer here. I've been lurking for a while and decided to showcase some of my art. :heart:

I'm a struggling digital amateur artist. I have just recently begun drawing drawing again after a very long hiatus; and more recently begun drawing Pokemon. I'm still trying to find my "style".

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Kippy's Pokemon Team

Kippy's Abagoura and Hahakomori

Kippy's Jalorda

Kippy's Zuruzukin

Kippy's Baokkii

Trainer Kippy(chocolate-kipp)

Red with Bulbasaur (as requested)


Smogon Birthday

Cacnea Logo Vector


Elekid Logo Vector



Trainer Blue

Trainer Red




Barujiina Secret Santa

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Aisaka Taiga from Toradora

Requests (Closed)
Work in progress:

Its_A_Random - Gligar<Done>
Aerrow - Latios<Done>
DragonBreath - Honchkrow<Done>
Gabe - Bulbasaur<Done> / Trainer<Done>
chocolate-kipp - Trainer <Done>
chocolate-kipp - Jalorda <Done>
chocolate-kipp - Baokkie <Done>
chocolate-kipp - Kokoromori <Sketched>
chocolate-kipp - Zuruzukin <Done>
chocolate-kipp - Hahakomori <Done>
chocolate-kipp - Abagoora <Done>
cayr - Sazandora
smashlloyd20 - Scizor
boyofrito - Kojondo
Server_Crash - Dokkora hitting a Zuruggu
Tamama_Black - Kibago

I may be bribed for credits in your Pokemon shop since I would rather be drawing than breeding Pokemon. ;>

Special Thanks:
chocolate-kipp - Giving me six credits to her thread for illustrating her team! Thanks a lot!

DeviantArt please add me on there if you have one; I will add you back! :toast:
Wow! I'm highly impressed!
I really like your lines and the way you color- everything, really!
I'm especially impressed by that Cubone.

Definitely gonna add you on dA :)
Wait, what? Amateur? I've been drawing for seven years and you're a hundred times better than I am. O_o

Your art is amazing! I especially love how you draw people (mostly Red, I've never watched Toradora but my friend says it's good). I really love your lineart-- it almost seems like paper, with watercolor and pen. Your shading style for Totodile and Cubone is nifty too.

Looking forward to seeing a lot more from you. :>
Thank you, everyone, for the positive feedback. ^^ Most of these are done this month. I currently have a lot of free time, so I've been drawing a lot.

@Its_A_Random - Sure I'll take your request. I'll get started on it after a current picture I'm working on.

Edit: Anyways, the piece I was working on is done. I do not like how I drew his arms. Too angular. I will do better next time.

Trainer Blue

Edit: Here's the requested Gligar. I hope you like it!

Gligar for Its_A_Random
Hmmm, could I request a Latios? I really want to see how you draw the more 'larger' Pokemon, as you've only drawn pre-evolutions so far; not that its bad or anything' - I just want to see how you would implement your style of drawing on other types of Pokemon. I hope you can draw my request!
@Aerrow, DragonBreath - Thank you for your interest in my art. :) I will begin the Latios and Honchkrow requests respectively.

@UltimateKirdyFan - It's
Your work looks great!! This is on par with NastyJungles, Yilx's, and Fatecrasher's work! Can I request Trainer Red with a Bulbasaur and just Bulbasaur by itself please?
waaaaaaah I hope you don't have too many requests and this is probably a huge one but I'll try to do something in return I promise

Could you draw a team shot for me? Something consisting of a female trainer with shoulder-length brown hair, jeans and a t-shirt, along with all of the following Pokemon--


I plan on having that as my Black and White team, and I can't visualize how it'd look, so...who to do it better than you, lol. I can't do much in return but I can (sort of) draw something for you, it won't be very good though.
@chocolate-kipp - I will try to do this ^^

Aahhh. Finished Latios. I will do a quick picture for myself, then proceed with the Honchkrow. ^^

Latios with tempest background

Latios plain


I am always tired. Don't bother me.
That is one sick Elekid. If I may, I'd like to toss in a request myself: Using the similar style you did with the Elekid, I'd like to see a Cacnea (but in Black/Green instead of Black/Yellow). You really have a way with color, I'll admit that.
@Acklow - Sure, they are pretty simple to do. Do you want the arms on the Cacnea or just the body like Elekid?

Well here is another request finished. Honchkrow using night slash? Use your imagination, people. ;P

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