All type Terrain [Stage 3: Abilities]

It seems that Ominous and Sinister Terrains tied, also there was no clear winner for Dragon type, how did you pick then?
I understand that lack of votes makes it hard to choose, but at least you could provide a clear explanation.
Checking on previous week, the results are also strange...
Resubmitting Metallic Terrain

Name: Metallic Terrain
Type: Steel
Message: "The battlefield got covered with a metallic floor"
Metallic Surge: Registeel
Z Move: Speed +1
Nature Power: Flash Cannon
Secret Power: Iron Head animation; 30% chance to flinch
Effect 1: Steel-type moves from grounded Pokémon gain 50% power
Effect 2: Grounded Pokémon cannot have their stats lowered (similar to Clear Body)
Learned by: Magnemite, Magneton, Forretress, Steelix, Scizor, Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Beldum, Metang, Metagross, Registeel, Jirachi, Empoleon, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Bronzor, Bronzong, Magnezone, Probopass, Heatran, Dialga, Excadrill, Shlemet, Escavalier, Ferroseed, Ferrothorn, Klink, Klang, Klinklang, Durant, Cobalion, Genesect, Honedge, Doublade, Aegislash, Klefki, Togedemaru, Solgaleo, Kartana, Celesteela, Magearna
Seed: Metallic Seed
Seed Effect: Defense +1
Competitive Use: Gives Registeel a notorious niche in the meta, and allow it to form powerful Steel Spam cores with Pokémon like Mega Metagross, Mega Mawile, Heatran and Magnezone.

Name: Corrosive Terrain
Type: Poison
Message: "The battlefield got covered with a corrosive liquid"
Metallic Surge: Salazzle
Z Move: Speed +1
Nature Power: Sludge Bomb
Secret Power: Gunk Shot animation; 30% chance to badly Poison
Effect 1: Poison-type moves from grounded Pokémon gain 50% power
Effect 2: Grounded Pokémon loose their immunity to Poison-type Moves and being Poisoned/Badly Poisoned
Learned by: WIP
Seed: Corrosive
Seed Effect: Special Defense +1
Competitive Use: Poison-types become way more powerful since it cannot be walled by Steel-types anymore and gains a huge boost to one of its STABs. However, Ground and Poison-types can still give them a lot of trouble.

Name: Liquid Terrain
Type: Water
Message: "The battlefield got covered with flood"
Metallic Surge: Lumineon
Z Move: Speed +1
Nature Power: Surf
Secret Power: Liquidation animation; 30% chance to Soak (turn into Water-type)
Effect 1: Whenever a grounded Pokemon is using a Water-type Move, it gets a 50% Speed Boost until the end of the turn
Effect 2: Grounded Pokémon are afflicted by Soak (turn into Water-types) if they are grounded for three turns or more
Learned by: WIP
Seed: Liquid Seed
Seed Effect: Special Defense +1
Competitive Use: Rain gains another asset and allows it to have other abusers instead of the typical Kindgra, Kabutops, Omastar and Ludicolo. Pokémon like Manaphy and Volcanion can be proven very powerful with Lumineon's support.
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Re-Submiting this but changing the name
Name: Aquatic Terrain
Type: Water
Message: "A tidal wave flooded the battlefield!"
Aquatic Surge: Wailord (Dex description literally states it flooding things iirk)
Z Move: Speed +1
Nature Power: Surf
Effect 1: Raises the power of Water-Type moves by 50% if user is grounded
Effect 2: Water-Types have their Speed boosted by 50% while non-water have thei speed reduced by 50% (As if they were facing a tide)
Attack: Water Starters, Panpour, Simipour, Suicune, Vaporeon
Seed: Submerged Seed
Seed Effect: Speed +1
Competitive Use: Allows some slower water-types to go at jet speed against most non-grounded foes. Not only as that, Terrains and Weathers are stackable, so if you are up to having Pelipper + Wailord + Samurott (See below), you have a pretty scarry team, even if monotype. Wailord can take some hits due to high HP so it is a reliable setter (Or rather, semi due to no recovery).
Special: Samurott has it's HA substituted by Surge Samurai (Under Aquatic Terrain (Or any winning water terrain) atk and sp. atk are doubled). If possible Golisopod too, but if only one is allowed leave it for Samurott
Resubmitti- Wait, I didn't have for these types.... Welp

Name: Elevated Terrain
Type: Flying
Message: "The battlefield started to float!"
Elevated Surge: Unfezant
Z Move: Attack +1
Nature Power: Aeroblast Air Slash
Secret Power: Air Cutter animation, 30% chance to cause the opponent to float (what Telekinesis does)
Effect 1: All Pokemon are immune to entry hazards and Leech Seed (Elevated Surge activates before taking hazard damage (correct me if this isn't how Surges normally work)).
Effect 2: Damaging moves that take 2 turns to use now only take 1 turn when used by Floating Pokemon (Flying-types + Levitaters). This includes Dig, Dive, Sky Attack, Fly, Razor Wind, Skull Bash, Bounce, Solar Beam/Blade, and a bunch more I'm probably forgetting.
Attack: All Pokemon legal in Sky Battles that can learn TMs + Trumbeak (Toucannon technically gets it through Trumbeak) and Musharna.
Seed: Elevation Seed
Seed Effect: Defense +1
Competitive Use: Ever wanted to fly? The battlefield did. And now, with Elevated Terrain, it can! With Elevated Terrain, the battlefield floats turning the battle into a makeshift Sky Battle, but, you know, you can actually stand. Because the elevated terrain, certain grounded field effects no longer work, as they are on the regular ground. This includes all entry hazards, including Stealth Rock, as well as other grounding effects like Leech Seed. Thanks to being in the sky, Pokemon that are already accustomed to an aerial battle can now execute moves with blinding speed. This allows them to use moves that previously took awhile to use, like Sky Attack, to be used instantly. This helps Flying-types that can't learn Brave Bird deal more damage, since they really need it, like Aerodactyl, Fearow, and the Pokemon with the Surge ability, Unfezant. Elevated Surge was given to Unfezant to help mitigate it's biggest flaw, being that it has no good Flying moves, as well as to make it not outclassed by other Flying-types like Dodrio and Staraptor.

Name: Layered Terrain
Type: Steel
Message: "The battlefield gained layers of steel!"
Layered Surge: Forretress
Z Move: Special Defense +1
Nature Power: Flash Cannon
Secret Power: Metal Burst animation, 30% chance to raise the user's Defense by 1
Effect 1: The power of Steel-type moves used by grounded Pokemon is boosted by 1.5x.
Effect 2: Entry hazards currently on the field have heightened effects:
  • 1 layer of Spikes deals 16.67% damage, 2 layers deal 25%, and 3 layers deal 33.33%
  • 1 layer of Toxic Spikes badly poisons Pokemon switching in.
  • Stealth Rock damage chart in order of 0.25x/0.5x/1x/2x/4x is now 5%/10%/16.67%/33.33%/66.67%
  • Sticky Web receives no changes because lowering Speed by 2 is broken.
  • These effects apply to hazards set up while the terrain is in effect.
  • These effects go away as soon as the terrain goes away.
Attack: Forretress, Scizor, Steelix, Mawile, Aron line, Metang and Metagross, Dialga, Ferroseed line, Dhelmise
Seed: Layered Seed
Seed Effect: Defense +1
Competitive Use: Obligatory Shrek jokes, aside, Layered Terrain is the definition of hazard stacking. You see, in Layered Terrain, the battlefield has multiple layers. Duh. Since it has multiple layers, hazards on the field are now on all of the layers of the battlefield, boosting the effects of the hazards on the top layer. This makes all damaging hazards a force to be reckoned with as now they deal more damage, or deal damage more efficiently (sorry hazard weak Pokemon). The layers of steel all over the battlefield also provide steel for grounded to use, boosting the power of Steel-type moves, which is a nice buff to previously weak-ish moves that you're forced to run if you want Steel coverage such as Iron Head and Flash Cannon. Forretress was given the Surge ability as it's the only grounded Steel-type that learns both Stealth Rock and Spikes without being too high on the viability rankings, allowing it to set up 2 dangerous hazards immediately under the terrain, aiding sweepers who need opposing Pokemon weakened.
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Resubmitting 3 terrains

Name: Flood Terrain
Type: Water
Message: The battlefield got flooded with a stream of water!
Flood Surge: Swampert (onstead of Damp)
Z Move: Attack +1
Nature Power: Hydro Pump
Secret Power: Water Pulse animation; chance to lower target's Attack 1 stage
Effect 1: Electric type moves used by grounded Pokemon have 50% recoil damage
Effect 2: Grouded Pokemon cannot be burned
Attack: Blastoise, Clawitzer, Goodra, Gyarados, Jellicent, Kingdra, Octillery, Simipour, Volcanion, Wailord, Wishiwashi
Seed: Flood Seed
Seed Effect: Defense +1
Competitive Use: I didn't want to boost Water-type moves since stacking this with Rain would be absolute hell, so I came up with support for physical attackers, Swampert can also use it pre-mega (I know it's only released in a month). I couldn't come up with a better ability abuser, since they are either B rank (Gyarados), inflict burn themselves (Volcanion) or don't fit flavorwise. Swampert can also support its teammates against electric move users, wearing them down (after Swampert switches, I mean, since it's immune)

Name: Toxic Terrain
Type: Poison
Message: Toxic waste flooded the battlefield!
Virtual Surge: Muk-Alola (instead of Power of Alchemy)
Z Move: Special Defense +1
Nature Power: Sludge Wave
Secret Power: Sludge Bomb animation; chance to badly poison the target
Effect 1: Poison type moves used by grounded Pokemon gain 50% power.
Effect 2: Moves, that inflict Poison status, inflict Toxic Poison status on grounded Pokemon.
Attack: Garbodor, Goodra, Muk, Salazzle, Swalot
Seed: Toxic Seed
Seed Effect: Special Defense +1
Competitive Use: Offensive buff for Poison types, and Muk-A becomes a powerful bulky attacker, much like Bulu. Also good with Toxic Spikes support, since you only need 1 layer to inflict toxic.

Name: Foggy Terrain
Type: Flying
Message: Foggy clouds descended upon the battlefield!
Foggy Surge: Tornadus-Incarnate (as second ability)
Z Move: Special Attack +1
Nature Power: Air slash
Secret Power: Gust animation; chance to lower target's Speed 1 stage
Effect 1: Electric type moves used against airborne Pokemon have their power halved (inspired by fog in Mystery Dungeon)
Effect 2: Airborne Pokemon can't have their stats lowered (if not self-inflicted)
Attack: Altaria, Articuno, Landorus, Mantine, Swanna, Thundurus, Tornadus
Seed: Foggy Seed
Seed Effect: Special Defense +1
Competitive Use: Defensive buff for Flying types, allowing them to stand against Electrics; they also won't fear Intimidate, Memento/Parting shot or random stat drops

New one

Name: Magnetic Terrain
Type: Steel
Message: Magnetic fields surrounded the terrain!
Magnetc Surge: Probopass
Z Move: Defense +1
Nature Power: Flash Cannon
Secret Power: Magnet Bomb animation; chance to lower target's Evasion 1 stage
Effect 1: Steel type moves used by grounded Pokemon gain 50% power.
Effect 2: All moves used against grounded Pokemon have their accuracy increased by 66% (like Gravity)
Attack: Genesect, Klinklang, Magearna, Magnezone, Metagross, Minun, Plusle
Seed: Magnetic Seed
Seed Effect: Defense +1
Competitive Use: Probopass gets powerful Flash Cannon and Zap Cannon, also helps many Pokemon with high-power low-accuracy moves. Think Gravity, but for Steel types instead of Ground ones.
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Name: Steelstrewn Terrain
Type: Steel
Message: "The battlefield is covered in metal shards!"
Steelstrewn Surge: Escavalier
Z Move: Critical Hit Ratio +1
Nature Power: Mirror Shot
Secret Power: Spikes animation, 30% chance to raise the user's Attack by 1
Effect 1: The power of Steel-type moves used by grounded Pokemon is boosted by 1.5x.
Effect 2: Switching, instead of having near-highest priority, has lowest priority.
Attack: Escavalier, Forretress, Ferroseed line, Skarmory, Steelix, Dialga, Excadrill, Klefki, Beldum line
Seed: Steelstrewn Seed
Seed Effect: Attack +1
Flavor/Competitive Use: Love powerful threats like Escavalier and Excadrill, but hate having to rely on the weak and unreliable Pursuit to handle fleeing prey, or not even being granted this luxury? Steelstrewn Terrain blocks the path back to the Pokeball with tortuous metal barbs and gnarls, making the way home a trecharous trek that lasts the entire turn. In the mean time, wail on these cowards with your mighty blows!
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Resubmitting Gusty and Reflective terrains.
Name: Gusty Terrain
Type: Flying
Message: The battlefield was filled with strong gales!
Gusty Surge: Altaria
Z-move: Boosts speed by one stage.
Nature Power: Air Slash
Secret Power: Hurricane animation, 30% chance to hurl target into the air. (Like Telekinesis)
Effect 1: Flying moves are strengthened by 50%.
Effect 2: Speed modifiers affecting any Pokemon are negated. Includes speed stat changes, Tailwind, Trick Room, Choice Scarf, speed boosting abilities, paralysis' speed reduction, Lagging Tail, Custap Berry, Quash, and After You. Does not ignore priority.
Attack: Swablu, Altaria, Drifloon, Drifblim, Togekiss, Noibat, Noivern, Pidgey, Pidgeotto, Pidgeot, Dragonite, Spearow, Fearow, Hoppip, Skiploom, Jumpluff, Tropius, Ducklett, Swanna
Seed: Gusty Seed
Seed Effect: Boosts speed by one stage.
Competitive Use: This terrain has huge potential for fast teams that don't want their speed to amount to nothing due to Tailwind or Trick Room. Major beneficiaries include Pheromosa, Staraptor, and Alakazam. Note that this terrain affects even non-grounded Pokemon due to it being a flying-type terrain.

Name: Reflective Terrain
Type: Steel
Message: The battlefield gained a reflective coating!
Reflective Surge: Bastiodon
Z-move: Boosts defense one stage.
Nature Power: Flash Cannon
Secret Power: Mirror Shot animation, 30% chance to lower opponent's accuracy by one.
Effect 1: Strengthens grounded Pokemon's steel type moves by 50%.
Effect 2: Special attacks are reflected back at the user for 30% damage.
Attack: Bronzor, Bronzong, Magnemite, Magneton, Magnezone, Togedemaru, Shieldon, Bastiodon, Klink, Klang, Klinklang, Klefki, Beldum, Metang, Metagross, Aron, Lairon, Aggron, Skarmory
Seed: Reflective Seed
Seed Effect: Boosts defense by one stage.
Competitive Use: Reflective Terrain is used mainly by stalling teams for extra chip damage, made stronger with reliable recovery. However, most any team weak to special attacks can use it to prepare for a revenge kill.

New submissions here
Name: Deluge Terrain
Type: Water
Message: The battlefield was overtaken by a mighty storm!
Deluge Surge: Lumineon
Z-move: Raises special attack by one stage
Nature Power: Muddy Water
Secret Power: Aqua Tail animation, 30% chance to trap the target in a whirlpool.
Effect 1: Grounded water type Pokemon recover 1/16th of their maximum HP each turn.
Effect 2: Type effectiveness is intensified by 50% (Super effective moves deal 50% more damage, Resisted moves deal 50% less damage.)
Attack: Psyduck, Golduck, Poliwag, Poliwhirl, Poliwrath, Politoed, Seel, Dewgong, Lapras, Vaporeon, Chinchou, Lanturn, Mantyke, Mantine, Surskit, Masquerain, Wailmer, Wailord, Milotic, Luvdisc, Buizel, Floatzel, Finneon, Lumineon, Frillish, Jellicent, Wishiwashi, Pyukumuku
Seed: Deluge Seed
Seed Effect: Raises special defense by one stage.
Competitive Use: This terrain generally allows water types to be bulkier both by providing passive recovery and letting them endure resisted hits much easier, while having little drawbacks due to the water type only being weak to electric and grass. It also buffs their offensive pressure, as it almost ensures that a Pokemon defeats their opponent with a super effective hit. Seaking also has the niche of being a water type with only one weakness for Deluge terrain to take advantage of thanks to Lightningrod.

Name: Acidic Terrain
Type: Poison
Message: The battlefield was flooded with a sea of corrosive poison!
Acidic Surge: Swalot
Z-move: Raises defense by one stage
Nature Power: Sludge Wave
Secret Power: Cross Poison animation, 30% chance to badly poison target.
Effect 1: Grounded Pokemon's poison type moves are strengthened by 50%.
Effect 2: Grounded non-poison types are no longer immune to status afflictions and status inducing moves.
Attack: Koffing, Weezing, Grimer-Regular, Muk-Regular, Ekans, Arbok, Zubat, Golbat, Crobat, Spinarak, Ariados, Quilfish, Gulpin, Swalot, Croagunk, Toxicroak, Trubbish, Garbodor, Skrelp, Dragalge, Salandit, Salazzle
Seed: Acidic Seed
Seed Effect: Raises defense by one stage.
Competitive Use: With the ability to poison all non-poison type Pokemon (barring a few outliers such as Skarmory and Gligar), poison types become a lot more effective at stalling out opponents, while also gaining a helpful power boost. A team that is weak to physical attackers can also now burn fire types, and slow teams can paralyze electric types.
Sorry for the delay, was ill yesterday, but the voting phase is now up! You have until Monday 10 pm GMT to make your votes. Vote for 1 terrain of each type - you can change your votes as often as you wish, just edit your post before the deadline.



Elevated Terrain
Foggy Terrain
Gusty Terrain


Corrosive Terrain
Toxic Terrain
Acidic Terrain


Metallic Terrain
Layered Terrain
Magnetic Terrain

Steelstrewn Terrain
Reflective Terrain


Liquid Terrain
Aquatic Terrain
Flood Terrain
Deluge Terrain
I couldn't think of anything this slate (I tried, but my ideas were bleh), but I'd be happy to vote.

Flying: Gusty Terrain
Poison: Corrosive Terrain
Steel: Magnetic Terrain
Water: Flood Terrain
Sorry for the delay - a combination of stomach bug, being busy at work and waiting for more votes are to blame. So the results are in:

Flying - Gusty Terrain. It was tied with Foggy, but I thought that was the better one
Poison - Corrosive Terrain. Clear Winner.
Steel - Steelstrewn Terrain. Was tied, but I thought that was the more interesting one
Water - Aquatic Terrain. Again tied, but that looked more interesting

Congrats guys - we've given all types a terrain! We have a choice of 2 things now: either we can make abilities that interract with the terrains (only for B rank mons and below), or we can test to see if any of the terrains are broken / lacklustre. What would you rather do?
Question: What does testing actually entail? Will the terrains be implemented on a battle sim for testing, or will we take votes on which ones are over/underpowered? I'm not really sure what we would do.
Well since there was no answer for months I found some time to code this.


There were problems with some terrains though:
Gusty Terrain: this isn't codable, you cannot supress speed modifiers from every item/ability (Embargo is hardcoded), and Trick room/Custap berry/Laggin Tail aren't even speed modifiers, these are different effects. I made this terrain clear any speed boosts on start and prevent speed boosts/debuffs while active. Also, shouldn't this terrain only affect airborne Pokemon by the premise of this Pet Mod?
Corrosive Terrain: ignoring Poison-type immunity is okay, but immunity to poison status cannot be prevented, and Corrosion is hardcoded.
Steelstrewn Terrain: i don't believe this is codable, though I could be mistaken. Changing switching priority is definitely impossible, but maybe one could try to copy Pursuit effect. I didn't manage it. Also, do you really believe that 5-turn Pursuit-trapping is okay? Trapping is already busted in OU, no need to make it worse. Same goes to Fiery Terrain.
Also Chakra Terrain and Cloudy Terrain don't have a Secret Power secondary effect. I sticked with default paralysis for them.

It's playable on but I'd prefer it to be implemented elsewhere.

Oh and there is a visual bug that terrains' names don't fade away when they end, they just stack. This is purely visual and only the last terrain is actually active, I tested this.

Tagging ChrystalFalchion
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Ok, I think that for the Fiery Terrain I'll propose we change it from the Fire-Spin effect to the Sea Of Fire effect (Fire/Grass pledge; The sea of fire damages all non-Fire-type Pokémon on that side of the field for 1/8 of their maximum HP at the end of each turn; but now it affects the whole field and only grounded mons, and can work under rain). It's simillar but doesn't have trapping.

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