Alolan Wi-Fi Tour (Psychomew2 wins)

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I got my match in vs Meultima. It was very fun games and I won 3-0

NBFW-WWWW-WWW6-FMA6 Raichu and clefairy slowly whittled away at the opponent

35TG-WWWW-WWW6-FMAZ Primeape putting in some work with the pseudo dragon dance.

QWWG-WWWW-WWW6-FMBA Clefairy and Primeape powering through aurora veil

Also I didn't know we could have multiple teams. I'll keep that in mind now.
In other crazy news, I'm down 0-3. Will wonders never cease?

(Also it was 2.30 AM and I was kinda sleepy is the explanation I am giving for clicking Thunderbolt three times in a row in front of a Lightning Rod Raichu ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

Props to my opponent though, he pulled out some interesting strategies.
Darn, I gotta go up against a guy i lost 2/3 to already. Curse you bracket determining random number god! At least ill actually be able to play this time.
Why do I have to be the not lazy one? I like being lazy too. Fiiiinnnneeee. Vid codes are as follows
As i more or less expected, I didn't do so hot. I would say it's because i suck at doubles, but ive been doing meh in general so far. *Insert emo song questioning how this could happen to me here*
EDIT: also, the score was actually 2-1. I want those extra points from that one game I somehow managed to win, so I'm just making sure there isn't any confusion.
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Just a update My opponent still hasn't responded since 9 almost 10 days ago

Edit: still nothing 2 weeks
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alright guys so there has been barely any activity. im going to start the playoffs next week with all of the still active players. it will be a single elimination bracket. if there is a 1st round bye, Meultima will get it for kicking everyones ass all season.

ill let you all vote on whether its singles or doubles..

my votes for doubles
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