Alolan Wi-Fi Tour (Psychomew2 wins)

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Lol wat? I don't know what sort of bracket building rng you're using, but it loves pairing me up with Rawbi. Wonder if his reaction will be that he's sick of playing against me or that he's glad to be paired with someone who he has gotten a solid win/loss ratio with?
Obviously I'm just kidding around, but that is one heck of a coincidence.
Here are the codes for the battles

Also, it's kinda funny how close i was to a mono-blue color team without meaning it. Just two 'mon's short.
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Well, I have to drop again. First time lost, second time broken. I honestly just want a working DS ffs. Well, sorry peeps.
So...If we don't get anymore responses in the next few days should we just skip ahead using the people who are still active? That would mean I would face Mattapod in the semis and the winner would fight meultima for the crown i would think. It's not an ideal solution, but it's better than nothing, right?
Huh i never got any notifications on my account... nor did i get message from faketuit

Sorry guys hope I'm not too late
You aren't. In fact, if Mattapod is down with the idea of skipping to the semi-finals due to the lack of activity, having you would actually be very nice. 4 people makes for a better semi-finals than 3.
Well, despite the struggles with inactive players and such we still managed to reach an ending of sorts. I beat Meultima 2-1 in a gg.
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