Metagame Alphabet Cup

Happy New Year everyone!
We're hoping you all enjoyed Alphabet Cup!

The votes from the Haxorus Suspect Test are in, and here are the results:

readytoloseNOT BAN
Dieu AmphibienNOT BAN

In a vote of 2-4, :Haxorus: will NOT be banned from Alphabet Cup! Thank you for voting and we appreciate your input!

On a more serious note, I'm personally going to be taking a bit of an informal step back from ABC for the time being. While I'm happy to see many of you really liked the tier, a large number of you didn't (and that's fine!). Frankly, I think some of the early clashing as a result of the Prevo Clause started things on a sour note, and that I recognize that I personally could have handled that more amiably. While I'm happy to see that it did get a good bit of activity, Alphabet Cup definitely created waves (at least behind the scenes) in places where at least I personally wish it hadn't, and it gives me some opportunity for introspection. Anyway, I'm hoping things will be better in the future, and I hope to play you all again some time!
I was trying this tier on and it says King's Shield Aegislash and Dual Wingbeat Salamence aren't allowed??

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