And we are back

hey all you people
hey all you people
hey all you people
won't you listen to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

oh gosh i picked up my arse and played more super mario 64 and ocarina of time. ocarina of time is really fantastic and i find very few flaws with it aside from my badness, and mario 64 only really has those annoying camera placements [which you can change, kinda, true, but that time can be the difference between life and death...]

oh i also picked up star fox 64 from club nintendo a few days ago. pretty great, though... am i supposed to save my teammates or something? for 6 missions in a row, without their health being restored? ;n;

[still, if you have club nintendo, you can pick it up there for 200 nintendo points; what a steal]


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idk I like these smileys. Check out this one: :rolleyes: It's that face you make after you eat a whole lotta mexican and you finally go poop.

Hahaha thanks for that image DY8 :P It hasn't been too bad, first few days I kept clicking my link to come back here... Then I was sad it didn't work. Just need some things patched up and we are all back to normal! :D
is there a hide tag for this version of the forum? it'd be useful to post larger images without being an arse about it, but i can't find one if it exists.


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I started playing League of Legends again, and I was already deeply engrossed in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, so I was able to pass the time pretty easily. Also had schoolwork to do (for the first time in a year! Yay! I'm finally back at university~) and we continued the big mafia game we're having in Circus Maximus off-site, so I was busy with that briefly as well. All in all I didn't feel the downtime as much as I would have at other points in time, but I'm sure it was very stressful and/or monotonous for some.

My favourite smiliey is :oops:. When we get new ones (because let's be real, these are atrocious) I hope we keep it. I'm excited to see how this forum software works as well. Welcome back, everyone!
they are not atrocious and okama!smiley is offended by your words. :rolleyes:
[he just keeps it on the inside]
edit holy shark we can like posts now?


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Oh look at that, we're back :). I have used Xenforo before so I'm not really new to this and it'll be easy for me to adapt. Yay! I believe the hide tag would be

is there a hide tag for this version of the forum? it'd be useful to post larger images without being an arse about it, but i can't find one if it exists.


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It's nice to finally like posts (can we dislike shit posts)? AP scores came out and somehow I BS'd my way through Calculus and European History. SCORE! I missed Smogon, and this new layout is weird.

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