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I created a fascimile of Smogon for the sole purpose of continuing a game of mafia.

no i don't have a problem don't be absurd

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we are obviously going to change up the style, this is just the default

Happy to hear that. This one looks like the love child of Serebii and PO forums (which is bad), and also a petition to have like button removed please. Bandwagoning is already a distinct problem in this forum and no need to aggravate it with dem facebookz.
Let's see... I just spent a lot of time playing Xenoblade. Got 5 star affinity at Colony 9 finally and upgraded to lv 4 Colony 6- working on that currently.

I dislike social media, and the new forums are reminding me of both twitter and facebook. like how you can update your status on your profile page, and its limited to 140 characters.
And the liking posts.

:toast: - toast!


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I wanted to play Pokemon for two weeks! But then I didn't get to talk about it on Smogon, so it seemed pointless.

Instead I played Animal Crossing 3DS and Super Mario Strikers (the old GameCube one). Glad it's back.
Just got voting reqs, HELL YEA :cool:

I'm pretty sure once the small things like the edit button, hide tags, forum colors and the like are fixed we'll be asking ourselves next week "what bulletin?". Also seeing whose viewing the topic would be nice as well

This is my fav smiley: o_O
I was in Hawaii for like 99% of the time Smogon was down. Still here, actually.

The only plus of the new forums is that I can now make this my avatar. Shame that it doesn't move.

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