AG Anything Goes Ladder Tournament II (Week 4)

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Welcome to MDB rates the top 16 so far! I will be doing this at the end of week 3 and start of playoffs(if mods allow)
1. Skarpherim- Skarph's return has been impressive to say the least. The top qualifying spot with a great GXE. Skarph handily won last year in an admittedly lackluster field of competitors. Only real problem for him to stop the repeat is two month's rustiness, which may affect Skaprh against top tier opponents
2. Zenithial- He's been a solid player for a while, and him qualifying so high does nothing to upset that. Got upset last time, so we'll see if that hits him again. Has some competition, but should be able to make it very far.
3. Sitonai- Our first week 2 qualifier, HB has proven over and over an innate ability to come back and GOAT series out. While the Elo may not be as impressive as the previous two, Ladder is a far cry from Tours, and Sitonai is one of the best.
4. dontstealmypenguin- These next ones were extremely tough to decide. Overall, I decided to put dsmp as number 4 based on how amazing he's been for so long. Haven't seen him in a tour in a while and that holds him back.
5. GRNBLN- Man this is hard, but I gotta give it to my boy grnbln mostly off how great he's doing in SSNL right now. Carrying that over, and you have a recipe for a surprise upset winner.
6. Velvet Blood- Sliding into sixth is last years Finalist, Velvet Blood. VB has been solid in tours and can easily make it back to finals. However, with a much stronger field, this should prove to be much more difficult.
7. ADF Test- This may surprise some people, but ADF's strong playing in SSNL and tendency to bring memes that can operate very well makes him a very underrated and extremely dangerous player.
8. Icemaster523- Sliding in at the halfway spot is Ice, and I feel this rank suits him well. An above average player that is average in this field. Has the potential to upset some players but his linear building makes it harder for him to do that.
9. MDB- I'm as average as they come, mates
10. Dockiva- This list got almost impossible to make by the end, because a lot of these players are the same type. I put Dockiva here because of a surprisingly good qualifying run
11. Satanic Beast- Edgar has just been playing in a rut recently, and I can't justify putting him above many others. He's solid when he's on his game, but I don't know if he can make much of a splash.
12. AnythingGoesLegend- By almost nonexistent values, agl comes in at 12th. He's taking a hit from where I normally would've placed him due to a disappointing r7 in SSNL. His jankness could net him some wins though.
13. SwaggerDaggerKid- A relatively new player that uses forum teams. A good player, but doesn't really stand out or do enough different for me to place him any higher.
14. Levanos- Essentially the same case as the one above, except being newer and not impressing me as much with their plays.
15. nehtri- Nehtri is a good player in his own right, but he doesn't make enough plays and relies on mu too much for me advocate for him.
16. RDKB- Yes, they were the second qualifier in week 2. But there's just not enough happening for me. His other playings in tours have left me feeling not much, and he seems very average. While his good seed may vault him into the second round, I have to say he appears to be the weakest competitor in the field so far.

This may or may not be an opinion, funnily enough. No offense meant to anyone. Hope you guys enjoyed the read!
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