AG Anything Goes Ladder Tournament II (Week 4)

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You Know what that time is! With 8 more qualifiers, I'm back to now list the top 24! It was a real challenge last week to rate only 16, so we'll see how I bias these rankings out. Without further ado, the Week 4 AG Ladder Tournament Power Rankings:
1. Skarpherim- Rankings that haven't changed or aren't noteworthy won't be fully described. Just know that Skarph is extremely solid and is looking to repeat.
2. Zenithial- No shakeups here, both players stay hot and look to build off past success.
3. Sitonai- Holy Break being outside top 5 would almost be a sin.
4. PurpleGatorade- PG and HB are virtually tied, only listing Sitonai above due to earlier qualifying
5. Fardin- Recovering from an unholy tilt in week 1, we have our first place qualifier of week 3 (which due to the bad seeding, has an amazing seed). Fardin is a very solid player, but coming off a disappointing early exit in SSNL may have residual affects for his play.
6. GRNBLN- After looking more closely at it, I can't justify putting dsmp above grn. While he comes off a loss in SSNL, grnbln is an extremely solid player who can make a good run.
7. dontstealmypenguin- Yeah, yeah, dsmp is a GOAT, but I can't realistically say that he is in the top 6 with so little recent tour experience and only using luck based paraspam on ladder.
8. Velvet Blood- Not much to update here, just better players qualifying.
9. ADF Test- Can't drop him for a bs exit in ssnl.
10. Icemaster523- Am I the only one who hasnt seen Ice on recently?
11. MDB- One last hurrah before I am free of this bs meta, and we all know I'll lose to XxxFortnite69dabXxx in the first round.
12. TicTacToeGuru- Rating him below me so he can make a one line response asking why I always shit on him.
13. Zugubu Royale- Solid player, but lbr at this point the field is very even.
14. Dockiva- Nothing to say here, no changes.
15. Satanic Beast- Edgar, more like try not to use a SM team or Double fairceus HO in every game.
16. AnythingGoesLegend- If you see agl with a balance team, you'd have to try to not 6-0 him.
17. LaBalladeDesCieux- This man is the Default Dan of bullshitting his way through games.
18. SwaggerDaggerKid- Seriously who tf are these people qualifying?
19. Levanos- Just taking up this slot to lament on how I tryharded week 1, and I'm gonna get a shit seed lol.
20. FamousVGC- Unicorn is a competent enough player, and could maybe do something come playoffs.
21. Nehtri- idk how nehtri manages to be the most underrated overrated player.
22. RDKB- I don't know the other two, so RDKB gets a bump.
23. Cinza- I've seen em play enough to say they aren't the worst.
24. Heavens Breaker- They are probably a person, ig? Not much to say here, someone's gotta be last.

Hope you enjoyed, also if you didn't catch, yh I'm quitting after aglt which I'm sure everyone is happy about.
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