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in the cresselia section of "know your walls" cresselia is misspelled multiple times

replace the whole thing with

Cresselia’s monstrous defensive stats speak for themselves. Now imagine taking these stats and combining them with the ability to cut the power of both physical and special attacks, and you’ll start to understand the mixed walling ability Cresselia possesses. Thunder Wave or Toxic can be used to further cripple sweepers, while Calm Mind boosts turn Cresselia into a massive tank; not half bad options for a non-Uber Pokémon.

Cresselia’s usage has been going down recently, due to a combination of factors. Psychic isn’t the greatest defensive type, leaving Cresselia open to the likes of the Shadow Ball, Crunch, and, most frequently, Pursuit. These attacks may not be such a big threat if Cresselia had some sort of recovery outside of Moonlight, but, alas, it does not. Combine this with the fact that few Pokémon fear attacks from a base 75 Special Attack, and you’ll find that Cresselia has quite a few chinks in its armor.
DPP Empoleon Analysis: Typo + Grammatical Errors Review

I apologize if I mess something up; this is my first contribution to Smogon, and I don't have a feel for everything yet. Bear with me here. =)

This revision is for the Empoleon Analysis.


The following is Paragraph 3 of the first set in the analysis, "Agility SubPetaya".

The choice between Ice Beam and Grass Knot is tricky, and it depends mostly on whether or not your team has an easier time dealing with Water-types or Salamence, Latias, and Celebi. Ice Beam is recommended since Empoleon can beat all of its Grass Knot targets if Toxic Spikes are in play anyway, but if Toxic Spikes are not an option on your team then Grass Knot can be used.
In the interest of clarity, I offer a revision to the bolded line:

Ice Beam is generally the recommended choice, as with Toxic Spikes support, Empoleon can defeat many of its common switch-ins who are susceptible to Grass Knot. However, if for some reasonToxic Spikes are inadvisable to use on your team, Grass Knot becomes a more viable alternative.

The following is Paragraph 5 of the "Agility SubPetaya" set.

Despite the massive power behind a Petaya Torrent Surf, it will still fail to break the special walling behemoth that is Blissey by itself. As such, having a strong Pursuit user to weaken her as she switches in fear can be greatly beneficial to Empoleon's sweep. If you can get Blissey down to around 35% health, a Surf should have the power to take her down. While Tyranitar is a fine choice as a Pursuit user, it is worth noting that it shares Fighting and Ground weaknesses with Empoleon, meaning you may be better off using a Pokémon that creates better opportunities for Empoleon to enter play. Scizor shares a Steel typing with Empoleon but they don't have any weaknesses in common, and will greatly help in wearing away at Blissey, and Celebi and Latias for those who decide to run Grass Knot over Ice Beam.
I offer the following revision:

Although a Surf boosted by STAB, Torrent, and a Petaya Berry carries massive power, it is still not enough to break the special walling behemoth known as Blissey. Because of this, a strong Pursuit user makes a fine partner for Empoleon. Using Pursuit to bring Blissey's HP down to around 35% is usually enough for a boosted Surf from Empoleon to finish the job. Tyranitar is a worthy Pursuit user to partner alongside Empoleon, given that Sand Stream can assist in wearing down the penguin's opponents without harming Empoleon. However, one must keep in mind that the two Pokemon share a Fighting and Ground weakness, which may provide some difficulty allowing Empoleon to switch in. Scizor is another viable partner to Empoleon; neither Pokemon shares a weakness, and Scizor can help clear the way for a Empoleon's sweep by easily handling Blissey, as well as Celebi and Latias if Empoleon runs Grass Knot over Ice Beam.

The following is the beginning of Paragraph 5 in the third set in the analysis, "Lead".

If the 80% accuracy of Empoleon is an issue for you, you can choose to run Surf.
It's quite clear that the analysis meant to say "Hydro Pump" instead of "Empoleon".

That's all I could find.
From the Counters section on the Metagross page... (http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/metagross)

Rotom-a can immediately threaten Metagross with Will-O-Wisp, whom obviously won't enjoy being burned, or stall through Rest + Sleep Talk if needed.
This is gramatically incorrect. It should be who. Who should function as the subject of "enjoy."

EDIT: Oh wow, this section got utterly mangled. It's from Pyroak's Counters (http://www.smogon.com/cap/pokemon/strategies/pyroak).

Heatran and, Dragonite and Salamence both resist it's dual STAB, but Heatran is vulnerable to Brick Break and both do not enjoy Leech Seed. Special versions of Salamence do extreemly well though as they do not mind Burn as much as their physical counterparts. Tentacruel causes Pyroak to take damage from Leech Seed thanks to it's Liquid Ooze ability. It resists it's fire STAB and Grass Knot has a measly 60 BP against it. Togekiss can easily switch in, and doesn't mind a Burn / Leech Seed as much as some others. STAB Air Slash hits Pyroak's weaker side. Moltres and Charizard are only mildly troubled by Leech Seed and not much else. Both can hit back with Air Slash. Arcanine, Ninetales, and Houndoom with Flash Fire can all come in on a Fire attack, get an attack boost at no damage, and then begin with a strong offensive. In addition to being immune to Fire, they resist it's Grass STAB as well. However, they all need to watch out for random Hidden Powers. Ninetales doesn't mind this as much as the others, but it should make Arcanine and Houndoom wary if Stealth Rock is down.
Better phrasing for the first sentence:

Heatran, Dragonite, and Salamence all resist its dual STABs, but Heatran is vulnerable to Brick Break and none of them enjoy Leech Seed.
I fixed The Reaver's correction. I didn't fix Pyroak's though because it is currently being revamped.

Also fixed Aeres' correction of "Empoleon" to "Hydro Pump", but I didn't add in the revamped paragraphs. I think the current ones are fine, unless someone objects.

EDIT: Fixed some of all4game's post below. Fixed September's post below.
Small typos on the latest issue of The Smog in the Type Analysis - Electric section. I know these were mentioned in #stark, but since no one made an official post I figured I'd do so as a reminder :)


Under Electric on the Offensive - OU, Rotom-A is described as having 107 base Special Attack, I'm sure he meant 105.

Under Electric on the Offensive - UU, Manectric is described as have base 105/105 defenses, I think he was really referring to its offensive prowess.

Nitpicks, but if thats what you're looking for :) If not :(
Found an error on the Dialga analysis:


In the description of the Choice Specs set, in the bottom line of the last paragraph for this set's description, is "and and" - in this sentence:

This is unfortunately impossible to avoid, so it is best to lure Wobbuffet into a mixed Pokémon that is commonly carrying Choice items (such as Palkia), and and weaken it to the point where it cannot revenge kill Dialga anymore (which means getting Wobbuffet below 40% of its health)
Minor Corrections: Diamond/Pearl Kingdra Analysis


The following is from Paragraph 1 of the second set in the analysis, "Dragon Dance + Three Attacks".

Kingdra still has its two powerful physical STAB options to in Waterfall and Outrage, but also takes advantage of a special attack to hit physical walls harder.
This sentence has a weird "to" in there, so I offer the following revision:

Kingdra retains the two physical STAB options at its disposal, Waterfall and Outrage, but this set also carries a special attack to hit physical walls harder.

The following is from Paragraph 2 in the second set of the analysis, "Dragon Dance + Three Attacks".

Draco Meteor, on the other hand, gives you a move to take out opposing Dragon-type Pokemon without locking yourselves into Outrage.
Change "yourselves" to "yourself".

The following is from Paragraph 4 of the second set.

Unlike the Substitute Dragon Dance set, the extra power makes this harder to counter, but easier to cripple.
It might be best, in the interest of clarity, to change this sentence to:

The extra power behind this set makes Kingdra harder to counter, but the lack of Substitute leaves him more vulnerable to crippling status.

The following is from the same paragraph as above.

With Roar, Suicune, Swampert, and Vaporeon can phaze it out as long as they don’t switch into Outrage.

Perhaps one can revise it to make:

Suicune, Swampert, and Vaporeon can phaze it out with Roar as long as they don’t switch into Outrage.

The following is from Paragraph 5 of the second set.

Scizor and Tyraintar can trap and kill Choice Scarf Latias with Pursuit.
"Tyranitar" is misspelled here.

The following is from Paragraph 2 of the third set in the analysis, "Double Dance".

225 Speed beats bulky Gyarados and Adamant Tyranitar outright, but it also means you outrun base 100s after Dragon Dance; and neutral Choice Scarf base 100s after Rain Dance.
Perhaps these sentences should be rewritten so as to remove the need for the semicolon between "Dance" and "and".

225 Speed beats bulky Gyarados and Adamant Tyranitar outright. It also allows you to outrun base 100s after Dragon Dance, as well as neutral Choice Scarf base 100s after Rain Dance.

The following is from Paragraph 3 of the same set as above.

Ludicolo will outspeed and 2HKO offensive +2 Speed Empoleon with either energy Ball or Grass Knot.
The "e" in Energy Ball should be capitalized.

The following is from Paragraph 1 in the fourth set in the analysis, "Rain Dance (Mixed)".

This set is arguably Kingdra's most destructive set, capable of smashing through even the games most defensive Pokemon.
The bolded word should be "game's".

The following is from the same paragraph in the same set.

Outside of Rain Dance teams itplays much like the Dragon Dancer;
Add a space between "it" and "plays". Also, a comma after "teams" should be there.

The following is from Paragraph 1 in the fifth set in the analysis, "Rain Dance (Special)".

Hydro Pump can be used for some extra power, it does provide an OHKO on Swampert and Metagross, but Surf's reliability makes it the better choice.
I'm pretty sure the "an" in "an OHKO" should be changed to "a", but I'm not sure. Also, parentheses would make the sentence flow better, as in this revision:

Hydro Pump can be used for some extra power (it does provide a OHKO on Swampert and Metagross), but Surf's reliability makes it the better choice.

The following is from Paragraph 4 of the same set.

Bulky Water-types with exception of Swampert can counter this set well
The word "the" should be added between "with" and "exception".

The following is from Paragraph 1 in the Team Options (OU) section of the analysis.

Bronzong, Bronzong, Jirachi, Magnezone, and Scizor are the best options for Rain Dance support Pokemon
Bronzong is listed twice. I'm not sure if that's a case of immediately forgetting what you just typed, or if there was another Pokemon that was supposed to be listed in place of one of the Bronzongs, but it should change nonetheless.

Magnezone can easily set them up on a choice locked Scizor’s Bullet Punch and other moves,
"Choice" should be capitalized.

The following is from the first sentence in the Team Options (Uber) section.

as it allows it to have an easier time sweeping due to the vital KOs it helps Kingdra net.
It might be better to rewrite those part as:

as it allows it to have an easier time sweeping due to the vital KOs Kingdra gains with Stealth Rock in play.

The following is the last sentence in Paragraph 2 from the Team Options (Uber) section.

Be warned though, Groudon’s sun will making Kingdra much less threatening than usual.
Change "making" to "make".
http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/espeon @ Baton Pass set, second paragraph

With Baton Pass, Espeon becomes much like its old Advance self, often referred to as "EspyJump". Baton Pass is a great attack because with Espeon's high Speed, it can use a couple of Calm Minds and pass them to a Pokemon with better coverage at its disposal, such as Moltres, Yanmega.
Baton Pass is probably better referred to as a "move" rather than an attack. Also, remove the comma and place an "or" in the latter sentence.

EDIT: http://www.smogon.com/dp/pokemon/toxicroak @ Swords Dance set, second paragraph

Cross Chop provides Toxicroak with a powerful STAB move, which hits a large number of the more common physically defensive threats in the UU tier for Super Effective damage, such as Steelix, Regirock and Registeel.
Should not be capitalized. We also need the serial comma after "Regirock."

EDIT #2: http://www.smogon.com/dp/moves/snatch

Snatch will take the first "Snatchable" move used, and not attempt to Snatch any others.
It's a compound verb, so remove the comma.

EDIT #3: Sorry for all of the edits, but I'm just gonna repost what I posted in the Pokemon DB errors thread since that was the wrong thread.


Interestingly, this page doesn't actually say what Snatch does; it just describes a bunch of properties that it has (same with the R/S page for Snatch). Perhaps you should include a sentence after the list of moves such as "Snatch prevents the target from using its move, and the Pokemon who used Snatch uses that move instead. The target still loses PP."
I think eric said he fixed it, but if he did, it isn't showing up for me.

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