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 Art for Social Media


Bad guys never look back.
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Hello artists,

As some of you may already know this is the last request for giveaway art of Generation 7. Giveaways will be in hiatus for an undetermined amount of time once swsh releases because we don't have the hardware, staff and system to continue supporting them. Thanks for all the incredible art you provided through the 4 years this project was active!

Without further a-do here's the last art request:

November 1st: Shiny Starmie Rocket Grunt
Staryu was the fodder Pokemon we used for our Ultra Sun and Moon giveaways. They'd catch them in Hano Beach near the resort.

November 7th Shiny Koffing tiki
Our followers want a Special Koffing for the last giveaway. It will be useful later when they can transfer it to swsh and evolve it into a Galarian Weezing

November 7th Shiny Ultra Necrozma JustoonSmitts
Special distribution.

Ps: Sorry for the late notice, I know the deadline for Starmie is really close.
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Bad guys never look back.
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New art request for a profile pic and cover photo.

>Profile pictures should be squared and Koffing should be the closest possible to the center.

>No specific Pokemon required for the cover. It must have the appropriate dimensions and something related to Pokemon Sword and Shield.
820x312 for pc
640x360 for mobile

Deadline is Nov 15 so any newly discovered Pokemon is allowed:blobwizard:

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