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Holy god that is a ton of art. Your expressions/humans/shading/most things are so good hnngh. Also I love that breezi picture so much, I think its the shading in combination with the coloured lineart that makes it so good, and its super adorable :3


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So Kadew, I know you'll understand this. Can I request a picture of a Deino looking rather disheveled and defeated, with the Battle Factory in the background? Thanks!

You said people wouldn't like your art, but it's doing quite well I can see!


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~*thread update*~

Take note, people, for here is a landmark achievement. I have, in actuality, finished a request in the same month is was requested!!!!!!!!! This means that your requests no longer fall into a limbo on asking! This picture was a pain in the butt, though. Halfway through I accidentally saved it at the 1/4 size you see now, so I had to paint a good portion of it all tinylike. Don't expect any requests after this to be quite so painterly, this was a poor choice but it looks good in execution I guess. The grey gloom represents the soulcrushing agony the battle factory inflicts on the psyche.

And now for some miscellaneous sketchery. This azelf was pretty much just an experiment with colors, something pretty bright and pastelly. I feel it may have edged a bit too bright, but I like it pretty well. Very turquoise and yellow.

Just a small little scribble, a psychic-type altaria that came out of one of the orange islands hangouts. I may do a larger proper picture of this for the monthly art contest this month. We'll see.

What would be the most tragic thing for the incarnation of willpower? To not persevere to the end, to end prematurely an endeavor, to fail.


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Let's celebrate the rebirth of the forums with an update to this dusty old thread! (BTW Redew I will almost definitely maybe get to your request tomorrow)

First off this submission to Malaconda's prevo that I was stupid on and didn't final sub. I love this design, so mad at myself for failing to get it in on time.

Some art for the Smog issue 28, and my first time drawing some of X and Y's new arrivals.

I cleaned up and shaded this old thing, still love it. Blackglasses malaconda is the best one.

My entry for the Monthly Art Contest , retyped stunfisk to fighting type. I cannot express the joy this picture gives me.

A relic of the dark times, the week that Smogon died. After drawing the snorlax my intrest in this started to wane, and so the pictures declined in quality as this went on.

Just a little practice in drawing profile faces that turned into Dawn somehow.

And lastly, from the last IRC speed CaP comes this fella, quanyails designed it in sprite form and I made my own drawn rendition of their design. Rock/Ghost, named petrogeist.
Wow, your CAP prevo looks REALLY good. I think it looks better than the design that did win, it sucks you didn't finish on time!

Also, you should draw more Gen. 6 mons, you make them look better :p


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A little something for the Smog from a ways back

My entry for the final CAP of generation 5, a steel/flying type

This one is going to be what keeps this thread alive. The other day I came across this daily pokemon in December thing and I've decided to try my hand at it. Every day, a drawing of a different pokemon. For the first, I drew VOLCARONA, the obviously most glorious bug type. Look at that fiery majesty. Look at it.


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This ended up horrible, but y'know what darkrai is a butt to draw. It's certainly not my favorite dark because of it's design. Darkrai is my favorite dark type because of the experience raising it. Darkrai was my first event pokemon, my first poke I raised to level 100. My first ev-trained poke, I think as well. And even, during that foray into ev-training, I ran into my first and only wild shiny (a golbat). Lots of great experiences with darkrai my friend.


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Welcome back, and I'll be eagerly following the progress of this December! Just don't burn yourself out. :<


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DUSK OF THE THIRD DAY: 5 hours remain

Favorite dragon type goes to dragonair because of how slick its design is. All elegant and serpentine. I love snakes. No dragon types in particular catch my heart, so for this type it went only by appearances.


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Day 4: Favorite Electric Type

(Totally not super late)
Galvantula isn't actually my favorite electric, but in the interest of avoiding repeat pokemon over the month, I picked an electric type a bit lower on the ladder. But still, I love galvantula. Look at that face. LOOK AT IT.
I really love your art. It's amaaaaaaaaaazing~

The Volcarona really stands out for me. I think you did an awesome job portraying it in its almost-legendary majesty, and I love the painterly feel of the piece. Please do keep it up!

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