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You decide to take a breath on the deck, since it probably is still a long way to the other continent. As you get out on the deck, Wallace spots you and comes close. "Hello there", he greets you. "Did you want to take a look at the sea?". You nod, while taking a look at the ocean around. Some Wingulls fly along with the ship, floating elegantly on the air currents. "Seawater is said to cover more than half of the world surface, yet we struggle to live on the few land available. Similarly, we often cling to a couple, irrelevant things without considering the vast amount of opportunities life offers us". He turns the eyes towards the horizon. "Fleeting like waves, freedom often passes us by, and we don't even realize it. But as long as your heart can drift along with your Pokémon, on the infinite streams of life, you'll never find yourself trapped in your small piece of land".
You think a bit about Wallace's words, but suddendly a shout breaks the quietness abruptly. "LAND HO!". You run up on the stern along with Wallace. A small island, covered in forests, is clearly visible some miles ahead. Dark clouds cover it partially. You see an old man with white mustaches mumbling. "What do you think, Drake?", asks Wallace. As the champion called him, you recognize the Hoenn Elite Four member. "It seems unsafe. We'll need to keep the distance and get past it", replies the man. "But it's strange. It doesn't show up on the charts...".
A few moments later, the ship shakes up a bit. "What's going on?", asks Drake nervous. A sailor comes close. "We have a problem with the CPU, sir. It seems to be somehow disturbed by a magnetic field of some sort. We won't be able to go far, in these conditions". Drake nods. "I see. Get ready for landing then, crew! We'll need to settle for some time until we can repair the central core".
"CPU? What is it?", you asks confused to Wallace.
"It's the Central Processing Unit, the system which controls all the functions of the Bright Hope ship", explains the champion. "If it crashes, we can't even make the engine work. So we're stuck until we fix it, I guess".
At the same time, two rather young people - a man and a woman - arrive, in a hurry. You look at them quite closely, as while you've travelled with them so far, you never got a chance to talk with them so far. The boy has blue hair and deep, crimson eyes. He seemed pretty cold to you so far, although he never seemed actually hostile or such. The girl instead has long, auburn hair with amber eyes. She looks much more friendly than the other guy, but she stayed in her rooms until now for what you could see.
"Wallace, we looked for you", says the blue haired man. "Steven and Eusine asked us to".
"Oh", answers Wallace surprised. "Did they discover something, Lorien?"
"They think the magnetic field which ruined the CPU is emitted from the island itself", explained him. "They wanted to talk with you directly, though".
"Ah... sure, why not?", replies the champion. Then looking at you, "Quickly, let's go!".
As you follow the two, rather confused, you hear a female voice laughs. "Don't worry, they're always like this. After knowing them a bit, you learn to deal with it".
You turn and see the girl who accompanied Lorien, her golden, intense eyes looking directly into yours. "I see, Ms...?"
"Linna", she answers with a smile. "Pleased to meet you".
You were going to present yourself as well, but Steven and Eusine intercept your group. "Finally, did Lorien inform you already?", says Steven. "Yes, but we need to...", was going to say Wallace, but another sudden shake of the ship interrupts him. "Looks like we landed", notes Eusine. "We better get a move".

You arrive into the captain's room along with the other trainers. Inside, Drake, Wallace, Steven and Eusine are explaining the situation. You notice Lorien and Linna in a corner, watching the scene silently. "The central processing unit which controls all the systems of the Bright Hope ship has gone wild since the magnetic field generated by the island invested us", says Drake. "And to make things worse, this island is affected by violent storms of all sorts. Even if we manage to fix the CPU, we can't leave until the storm settles down".
"We have reasons to think that this storm is not natural, though", goes on Wallace. "We investigated the isle soon after the landing, and we found out that, hidden within the forest, there's an ancient construction. We ignore its purpose, but Eusine", he goes on, pointing to the seer, "managed to discover a link between this building and the storm affecting the temple. Would you please explain it in detail, Eusine?".
The seer nods and starts talking. "While my analysis is purely tentative, my divinations brought me to suspect that there's something odd beyond the ruins. However, we failed to get past the massive iron gates protecting it. I think that the key may lie somewhere on the isle, however, the place looks far from safe, so any further search may require the help of you trainers".
"We identified two regions which may be worth further exploration", adds Steven. "You'll be given a map describing them in detail. We'll organize expeditions to learn more about these places as soon as possible".
"This is all", concludes Drake. "You can now return to your rooms, until we'll have organized the exploration parties. Thank you".
While you leave, you notice Lorien and Linna say something between themselves before getting out as well.


Central Processing
Windburn Gulch
Tidefury Strand
Raging Shore
Shrine of the Old Gods
(Halls of Ages)
Shrine of the Old Gods (Heart of Madness)
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Cleansing the Elements
Quest Giver:
Requirements: The Taint of Stormrage

Eusine examines the ash you retrieved from Ho-Oh for some time, then says "Interesting. This ash may exactly be what is needed for us to finally cleanse the troubled elements of Stormrage Mountain". The seer then pronounces some strange words. "As I suspected", he adds later. "The corruption within Stormrage is hidden in depth, and it hasn't to do simply with the legendary birds. Deep within the mountain, three altars lie. They may look insignificant to an unaware traveler, but they hold a great power - a power you need to deal with". Eusine then takes the ash and puts it within a strange scepter-like artifact. "You need to venture back to Stormrage Mountain, locate these altars and cleanse them before it's too late. But beware - the altars are protected by strong guardians. You'll not defeat them easily".
The seer takes a Poké Ball from his belt and calls forth an Alakazam. "I'll be able to teleport you back to the New Dawn headquarters in Stormrage, but you must make haste! Time is at a premium now".

Objective: Defeat the guardian of the Sapphire shrine in Frozen Vault, the guardian of the Topaz in Cliff of Thunder and the guardian of Ruby in Wildfire Plateau. Then, return to Eusine on the Bright Hope's ship.
Reward: 1000 Rep. points with the Bright Hope Expedition. You may choose one of the following items:

Seer's Orb of Insight:
Raises the base power of Fighting-type attacks by (7), reduces the energy cost of Aura Sphere and Focus Blast by (1), and raises the critical hit rate of Vacuum Wave by (2).

Seer's Orb of Mercy:
Raises the base power of Fighting-type attacks by (7), and reduces the energy cost of Heal Pulse and Recover by (2)

Seer's Orb of Valor:
Raises the base power of Fighting-type attacks by (7), and reduces the energy cost of Close Combat, Dynamicpunch and Hi Jump Kick by (1)

Taking on the Programmer's Job
Quest Giver: Drake
Requirements: None

The captain looks still nervous about what's going on. "We need all the help we can get out there", Drake says. "But at the same time, the crew has been unable to fix the problems with the CPU so far. Maybe you could get down there and give it a look?"

Objective: Fix the CPU core, within Central Processing.
Reward: 500 Rep. points with the Bright Hope expedition. Berry Harvesting (allows all your Pokémon to carry a berry in addition to another item - but not two berries at the same time)

Of Love and Frost
Quest Giver: Linna
Requirements: None

"Excuse me", says timidly Linna, looking at you intensely with her shiny eyes, "may I ask a bit of your time, please?". As you nod, she shows you what looks like a Pokémon Egg. However, the egg's surface looks blackened, as if it was somehow tainted.
"We found this egg on the isle during the first explorations. I think it's been corrupted by the foul influence that may have defiled the ancient shrine", she explains. "I may be able to cleanse it, but I need a very special component - a fragment of a variety of ice that forms exclusively in the faraway, frozen wastes of the north".
She shakes her head, hopeless. "Sadly, the chances of such a material to be on this island are close to null, but should you be fortunate enough to find a piece of it, would you be so gentle to bring it to me, please?"

Objective: Go into Raging Shore and retrieve the Zephyr's Ice for Linna
Reward: 500 Rep. points with the Bright Hope expedition. You also get the following item:
Purified Northspring Egg: This item begins a quest.

The Legacy of the Old Gods (Hard Mode)
Quest Giver: Lorien
Requirements: Exalted status with the Bright Hope Expedition

As you return to your rooms, you find a letter under the door. "Meet me in my quarters, hero, I may have a request for you. Lorien".

After a while, you are in front of his door. You're about to knock, but Lorien opens you a second before. "Welcome, hero, I was waiting for you", he says. Then, after throwing a look at both sides of the corridor to make sure none else is around, he invites you to come in.
"I've heard a lot about your deeds on behalf of the Expedition", he begins. "Yet, I can't say I'm completely comfortable in offering you this task. But if you believe into your own resources enough to keep listening, I will provide you with the knowledge you'll need to go through it". The man fills a cup with some hot tea and offers it to you. Then, he fills one for himself and goes on, while sipping the tea slowly.
"In a distant past, when this world was still rife with chaos and strife, the Old Gods were at the pinnacle of their might, and the few humans squirmed under their heel. It was an age unlike the one you live in, where Poke Balls didn't exist and where humans and Pokemon waged war against each other.
However, one brave hero finally rose and standed against the Gods.
He readed his sword and fought them here, on this island. Eventually, he managed to vanquish them, thanks to his courage - but also thanks to a sword. A sword whose name was lost in the mists of the past, yet still full of its power. The name of Gygax.
No one knows what happened to the sword after this epic confrontation, or to the hero who last wielded its hilt. However, it may be possible to reforge the mythical weapon - and I'm afraid it may very well be necessary, for the evil that once was defeated may soon awake again."
You listen carefully to Lorien's long explaination, then you ask, perplexed, "But how could it be possible to reforge such a sword?".
"The answer likely lies within the abandoned shrine, hero", replies Lorien. "But I know one thing: this weapon wasn't shaped in everyday iron. No, it had been forged in a very rare alloy, which combined the toughness of steel with a surprising lightness that made it exceptionally potent".
"And where could we retrieve this alloy?", you ask again.
"On this very ship, actually", says the blue-haired man. "There is a component of the Central Processing Unit that was crafted with the help of an alloy with the properties we're looking for. However, as you may know, the CPU has been corrupted by the local magnetic fields, and thus it may be unsafe to get close to it - let alone open it. Yet, if you feel up to the task, just remember this: for the alloy to be usable as the foundation of our work, you must not damage it significantly. It may be difficult, but you must try your best to shut down the CPU without compromising the alloy's integrity."

Objective: Go into Central Processing (Hard Mode) and complete the challenge without causing Metagross to fall under 90% of its max HP.
Reward: You will get 2X
Badge of Valor, as well as the following item:

Paragon of Gygax: Raises the Attack rank of the holder by (7) and its critical hit stage by (1).

Completed Quests
Cleansing of Elements: Deadfox081, Engineer Pikachu
Taking on the Programmer's Job: AOPSUser, Arcanite, Athenodoros, Avnomke, Deadfox081, Dogfish44, Dummy007, Elevator Music, Engineer Pikachu, Eternal Drifter, Exclaimer, Fort Colorcastle, Frosty, Gale Wing Srock, Glacier, imanalt, Its A Random, Jjayfeather, Kaxtar, Lord Jesseus, LouisCyphre, Maxim, Mowtom, Ooraloo, Pwnemon, Rickheg, smashlloyd20, Someoneelse, Subwayj, tavok, Terrador, Texas Cloverleaf, Toon, Tortferngatr, UllarWarlord, Waterwarrior, Yoshinite, Zarator
Of Love and Frost: Deadfox081, Dogfish44, Elevator Music, Eternal Drifter, Exclaimer, Fort Colorcastle, Frosty, Gale Wing Srock, Its_A_Random, Jjayfeather, Maxim, Texas Cloverleaf, Toon, ZhengTann
The Legacy of the Old Gods: Deadfox081, Dogfish44, Engineer Pikachu, Gale Wing Srock, Its_A_Random, Maxim, Texas Cloverleaf
Into the Shrine: Deadfox081, Dogfish44, Maxim, Texas Cloverleaf
The Reforging of Gygax: Deadfox081, Dogfish44, Maxim, Texas Cloverleaf
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What's Reputation?

Reputation is a stat associated with each player. It can be raised completing quests for a specific faction or killing bosses within a certain Raid zone. Higher reputation standings give access to better items.

The reputation tiers are the following:
Friendly - 0
Honored - 500
Revered - 1000
Exalted - 2000

Reputation Standings for Bright Hope Expedition:

akela - Honored 600/1000
AOPSUser - Revered 1800/2000
Arcanite - Revered 1200/2000
Athenodoros - Honored 900/1000
Avnomke - Honored 900/1000
Danmantincan - Honored 800/1000
Deadfox081 - Exalted 2000/2000
Dogfish44 - Exalted 2000/2000
Dummy007 - Honored 700/1000
Elevator Music - Revered 1700/2000
Engineer Pikachu - Exalted 2000/2000
Eternal Drifter - Revered 1500/2000
Exclaimer - Revered 1700/2000
Flamestrike - Honored 800/1000
Fort Colorcastle - Revered 1500/2000
Frosty - Exalted 2000/2000
Gale Wing Srock - Exalted 2000/2000
Glacier - Honored 900/1000
imanalt - Honored 700/1000
Its A Random - Exalted 2000/2000
Jjayfeather - Exalted 2000/2000
Kaxtar - Honored 900/1000
Lord Jesseus - Honored 700/1000
LouisCyphre - Honored 900/1000
Maxim - Exalted 2000/2000
MK Ultra - Honored 500/1000
Mowtom - Exalted 2000/2000
Mulan15262 - Friendly 300/500
Ooraloo - Honored 900/1000
Pwnemon - Honored 900/1000
Rickheg - Revered 1100/2000
smashlloyd20 - Revered 1000/2000
Someoneelse -Honored 700/1000
Son Of Shadoo - Friendly 200/500
SubwayJ - Revered 1500/2000
tavok - Exalted 2000/2000
Terrador - Honored 900/1000
Texas Cloverleaf - Exalted 2000/2000
Toon - Revered 1700/2000

Tortferngatr - Honored 700/1000
Waterwarrior - Revered 1000/2000
UllarWarlord - Honored 700/1000
Yoshinite-Honored 700/1000

Zarator - Revered 1200/2000
ZhengTann - Honored 800/1000
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Bright Hope Expedition's Quartermaster


Eggant Berry:
Lowers threat against all enemies by 100% and restores 15 HP.

Cost: 3 CC for 1 | Activation: Once at <=25% HP | Natural Gift: 10 BAP, Normal


Glyph of Brine: Reduces the energy cost of Brine by 1 | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Ice Ball: Reduces the energy cost of Ice Ball by 1 | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Blaze Kick: Raises the accuracy of Blaze Kick by a flat 10% and its critical hit stage by (1) | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Thunder Wave: Causes the paralysis inflicted by Thunder Wave to last for (3) more actions on bosses | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Ominous Wind: Raises the secondary effect chance of Ominous Wind to 30% and raises its power by 1 | Cost: 5 CC
Glyph of Sludge Wave: Sludge Wave no longer hits friendly Pokémon, and raises its power by 1 | Cost: 5 CC


Glyph of Tail Glow: Causes Tail Glow to grant the user Enlightenment, reducing the energy cost of all attacking moves by 40% (rounded up, applied before other reductions and penalties) for the next 6 actions. | Cost: 10 CC
Trident of the Tides:
Raises the power of Water-type attacks by (5) and their critical hit stage by one. | Cost: 15 CC
Winter's Gift Hat: Raises the Attack and Sp. Attack ranks of the holder by 9, and reduces his threat generated against all enemies by 50%. Moreover, allows the use of the move Heal Bell, even if it is not present in the holder's movepool. Usable only by: Delibird | Cost: 15 CC
Signet of Bright Hope:
Raises the Special Attack rank of the holder by 9, and reduces the energy cost of Wish, Safeguard, and Softboiled by (3). Usable only by: Audino, Blissey | Cost: 15 CC

Wintry Garb: Reduces the energy cost of Ice-type moves by (1), raises their accuracy by a flat 30% (Sheer Cold excluded) and gives Ice-type attacking moves a 30% chance on hit to cause Rime, which deals the equivalent damage of a Blizzard on up to (3) opponents (The Base Power reduction for hitting multiple foes still apply, as does STAB if the holder is Ice-typed). If the holder is an Ice-type, restores 2 HP per action under Hail weather conditions. | Cost: 15 CC
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Move Tutor


Attack Type: Other
Target: User or Adjacent Ally
Priority: 0
Energy Cost: 7
Effect: Heals up all negative magical afflictions from a friendly target
Move Price to be taught to a Pokémon: 2 CC

Pokémon which can learn this move:

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Shadow Mend

Attack Type: Other
Target: Adjacent Ally
Priority: 0
Energy Cost: 14
Effect: Heals up a target Pokemon other than itself for 20 HP.
Move Price to be taught to a Pokémon: 2 CC
Prerequisite to learn this move: The owner must be Honored (or better) with the Bright Hope's Expedition

Pokémon which can learn this move:

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Alright Arcanite, I'll come check the place out with you.

EDIT: Also heeding Flamestrike's advice..

Lets use 1 of my 3 VC to teach Dragonite Dispel

In addition I think I will accept the "Taking on the Programmer's Job" also.
I believe you said that we buy rewards in the thread in which they are offered, so...

Spending two of my 6 VC to teach Honchkrow and Gallade Dispel (hint: people who want to do these raids *may* want to do this first ;) )
Approving all the people getting Dispel. Also, waiting for Arcanite's confirmation to setup the raid.

EDIT: Objection is approved
If I recall correctly, I have 3 VC. I will use all 3 to teach Dispel to Frollo the Medicham, Scar the Tomohawk and Tremaine the Jynx.

Also, inviting Leethoof to Windburn Gulch (normal mode)
Accepting deadfox! (Just to confirm, it's normal!)

Also using my VC to teach My Lucario, Sir Auron Dispel!

Also taking on programmer's Job
Planning on going to Windburn Gulch: Hard Mode with iiMKUltra. He'll post once everything is sorted out.

Also, spending 2 VC to purchase Dispel for Fidgit and Blissey; this leaves me with 1 VC (8 when my FVHM claims get approved)


A distant memory
is a Forum Moderator Alumnusis a Community Contributor Alumnus
Looking for someone willing to help crush a Heatran, & anything else there is at Windburn Gulch (Normal).

I'll be using a Fidgit & a Camerupt.

Also spending 1 VC to teach Fidgit Dispel.

MK Ultra

is a Forum Moderator Alumnus
Planning on going to Windburn Gulch: Hard Mode with iiMKUltra. He'll post once everything is sorted out.

Also, spending 2 VC to purchase Dispel for Fidgit and Blissey; this leaves me with 1 VC (8 when my FVHM claims get approved)
Also using my 1 VC to teach Dragonite Dispel.

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