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*blows dust off thread*

Right, so I have some unfinished business with a certain quest.

Inviting Dogfish44 to Cliffs of Thunder (NM, Legendary Beast Mode)

If this won't clear the Cleansing the Elements quest for me, please let me know.


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I will be your host during this lovely trip into the cliff of thunder. Please leave your gygaxs and your regi bastions as well as your bloodlusters at the entrance as I want to actually see the point on cheering for the rng to fuck you all ^_^.

at least it will be fast *shrugs*

PM me teams.


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*bites bullet*

I have finally accepted that tavok isn't coming back anytime soon. So now I want a new long-term partner.

Open invite to Eye of the Storm Hard Mode

I want to KO Lugia first and thus get the Fire-type artifact, and proceed from there to FPNM (the artifact is for my Mollux). If this sounds at all interesting to you, please pm me.


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Looking for a partner to Cliffs of Thunder (NM). I have a Camerupt and a Rhydon for off-DPS and off-tank respectively, most probably will need a support and another tank to work out. VM/PM for discussion?

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