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Where do i go to see the CAP?
I'm not really sure what you mean by this, but if you're referring to the current CAP, CAP 6, then you should be able to find what the community has decided on so far here. The first post should tell you what we have so far, and you should be able to see the stat limits that have been decided on. If you meant seeing the CAP process in general, then you should visit the CAP sub-site. In fact, you might want to check that out anyway.


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imafancyman, I recommend you read through this and this thoroughly.

Basically, we create a Pokemon in steps, focusing on the competitive aspect of the OU metagame. CAP over the years has established a step-by-step process which we follow exactly, with little variation. A Policy Review Committee may from time to time change parts of the process between projects so that the next one can function more smoothly than the one that just finished. However, the idea of methodically picking a concept and leader(s), and then, after lots of discussion, voting on typing, stats, abilities, and movepool is central to how CAP functions.

At the current moment, we just finished discussing the Stat Limits of CAP 6. This is a stage that is often very intimidating for newcomers, since we discuss things in terms of "Tankiness" and "Sweepiness," metrics which were created by some very good mathematicians who participated in CAP back in the day. Now that the stat limits have been set, we have begun the stage of Stat Spread Submissions, which is going on in this thread.

All threads that are ongoing will be listed as "CAP 6 - Part # - Name of that part" and all users can post in the threads, as long as you don't see a picture of a lock in the right part of the column, which means that part of the process has been finished.

And please read the first post in every thread fully so you understand what the thread is actually discussing and what rules may guide that particular thread. Additionally, we always try to pay attention to our elected leader(s) of the project. Our Topic Leader for CAP 6 is capefeather and the Topic Leadership Team consists of 4 other users, one each for typing, stats, abilities, and movepool. For Stats, the current stage, the other user you should pay attention to is Detroitlolcat.

If, after reading those first links thoroughly (here and here), you still have additional questions, feel free to PM me. An Admin or Moderator should also be able to answer those additional questions, but they (and I) would appreciate if you took the time to read all available information first. That's why we have a detailed guide for newcomers :)

Welcome to CAP.

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A stickied application thread is posted after the completion of every CAP project, and the next CAP starts when the policy discussions have finished. Even existing members have to reapply between projects if they want to participate. Since we're in the middle of CAP 6, there are no PRC applications happening right now, but there will be soon after CAP 6 ends. Until then, be active in the CAP 6 discussions if you plan to apply.


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Technically, PRC applications now stay open for the duration of the project. However, no PR discussions are going on currently, and barring extenuating circumstances, won't until after CAP 6 ends and the next cycle begins. So, while it is theoretically possible to apply now if one wanted to, it would in all likelihood serve no purpose as one would probably have to reapply again before any PR discussions actually start


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The PRC basically discusses (possible changes to) CAP policy and rules. For more specifics, look through the CAP Policy Review forum: while only PRC members are allowed to post there, anyone can read it.

I can't speak for exactly what's required to make it onto the PRC, but the requirements are fairly lax; last CAP everyone who applied got in iirc. Anyone who is an active CAP poster can probably make it unless their posts are unspeakably bad.
So how can I like send in a pokemon design for CAP? Do i submit my pre-evolved forms ideas as well? Do I need to wait for an event? Do I need to apply? If so, then how?

Sorry for all the questions.

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So how can I like send in a pokemon design for CAP? Do i submit my pre-evolved forms ideas as well? Do I need to wait for an event? Do I need to apply? If so, then how?:toast::toast:

Currently, CAP 6 is in the middle of development, with which I presume your concerns are about the Art Submissions Thread, which can be located here. You may submit there a pokemon design, but do read the first post thoroughly for the rules and CAP 6's current details such as typing, concept and abilities.

Pre-evos are usually started after the CAP it is tied to is done, so you have to wait for the start of its development on the CAP Pre-evolution Workshop subforum.

Hope that helps! :)


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Has anyone made a Rom hack featuring CAP Pokemon? And if so, what is it called?
There have been a few people asking to use them (Which is fine as long as they credit Smogon and CaP in there somewhere and link back to us) but I do not believe any have actually been made.
Hey, everyone. No idea where to post this, and I hope I'm following the rules here. But, where do I go if I have an amazing idea for a CAP Mon, or ability, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if I'm breaking any rules.


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The most important thing to do is read this first, to make sure you fully understand the CAP process before you contribute. If your idea still falls within the realm of what we do here, then wait until the next CAP Project rolls around (our current one is just wrapping up) and feel free to contribute it then! You can still help with the last bits of flavor for CAP6 if you want, but once our next CAP starts, we'll be doing Gen VI ones, instead.
IIRC, back when Gen 5 was released work on CAPs immediately ceased until the new metagame stabilized. Is the same going to happen here (finish this bird, then wait until Gen 6 is done), or will new CAPs be made based on the Gen 5 metagame up until we're ready to move on?

Mainly I'm asking is because not much headway can be made until it's possible to poke bank over all the other mons in December, which means an even longer wait than last time.


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Let's keep in mind CAP 6 isn't finished yet. There's still a week or so of process left for that, followed by two weeks of playtest. Even with a relatively short PRC session, we'd be in a position to start a CAP in mid-December at the earliest. There's a good chance we'd have a stable(-ish) gen 6 metagame before such a CAP could be finished. That's not even getting into the interest issue, either. Activity in CAP 6 (including mine...) took a nosedive when XY came out. Part of that is the fact that people were actually playing the games and working on things like the sprite project, so theoretically a CAP 7 wouldn't suffer quite as much, but chances are people are just not going to be incredibly interested in another gen 5 CAP process.

As far as I'm aware the plan has always been that CAP 6 was to be the last gen 5 CAP, and I don't really see any reason why that would change. More likely there will be a longer-than-usual PRC session to prepare for gen 6, and a gen 6 CAP 1 as soon as doing so becomes feasible.
Hi. I just recently discovered the CAP project. I've read some of the descriptions, the introductory stuff, skimmed the guide, and I've been looking at some of the discussion threads for CAP 6. I'd definitely like to try to get involved in future CAPs. (I assume I should be reading up on the metagame developments for gen 6?) I had some questions about the art stuff.

Do you guys make the sprites just for flavor, or are you using the sprites and animations in Showdown? Has there been any talk about what you guys are doing for Gen 6 CAPs in that regard? It sounds like such things are going up for discussion soon. I wouldn't imagine that you're planning to include 3D and animations in Showdown, but if you guys are considering doing 3D models with animation for whatever reason, I'd love to be involved in that. I'm a 3D animator and Pokemon X and Y is my dream project.


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Hi there, Krail.

We are using the sprites and animations on Pokemon Showdown. In fact, you can view Cawmodore in action whenever you like. Just click here to get to Pokemon Showdown; use the "Watch a Battle" feature to search for a current match on the Cawmodore Playtest ladder. You can see the sprites in full action there.

In terms of Generation 6 for CAP, we're a long ways away from that bridge. The simulator is currently using sprites, and I suppose that we have no idea if they will ever implement 3D models or not. If they do, we will absolutely need modelers to make our CAPs available for the simulator. Any help would be appreciated. We'll make sure to publicize if we'd ever head in the direction of 3D modeling.

If you have any other questions, don't be afraid to send me a message. Welcome to Smogon =)
There is no need to sign up. Threads will eventually go up for the various stages of the creation, and everyone is free to contribute as they wish, on whatever the thread specifications are.

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