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Actually there are no cap pokemon banned.
If a cap pokemon is too strong, it will be nerfed on the first cap update.
A few examples are aurumoth that has lost illusion and tomohawk that has lost reflect and earth power
Oh really? Cool i didnt know that, thanks. I wonder when those updates began.. i am now at cap 8 and didnt encounter one yet in the archive.


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Hey, im reading the entire cap archive, its very fun to do, but i have a small question: is there ever a cap pokemon banned from the metagame? And if not, what happens if there is a cap made that is just too good for the metagame? And how exactly are caps being prevented to be that good? Are there specific limits like a maximum base stat rating?
As has been said, no CAPs are banned from the CAP meta. While updates were mentioned above, really, those are a new thing. As a general rule, we just leave things as they are and deal with them, as we do not want to have any of our creations banned from their own meta. However, with the system of updates we now have in place, yes, it is possible to adjust things. However, updates do not just happen whenever. They are done with the major changes from the release of new games. We will not just update a Pokemon because it seems too strong at the moment.

Oh really? Cool i didnt know that, thanks. I wonder when those updates began.. i am now at cap 8 and didnt encounter one yet in the archive.
While there were some other updates in the past, with the exception of updating Diamond and Pearl era CAPs to have Platinum tutor moves, the were mostly reverted later. I don't think any of those are located in the process archive though. There may be some threads on them in the Policy Review Forum however.

Now, as far as our current process, that just came into existance a short while ago, and has only been done once, to update all CAPs to the Sun and Moon metagame.
Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I was wondering if the balancing of an individual CAP mon was made with respect to the average balancing of the OU tier, or the CAP tier? For example, is a Pokémon like Aurumoth intended to be able to theoretically fit into the OU tier without major balancing issues, or is it meant to be considered in respect to the CAP tier, and all the CAP mons within it?
SirSalty If you were talking about the recent updates that tried to balance past creations, Mova is right, they were focused on the CAP meta. But, if you were asking for what metagame the past CAPs were built for, the oldest ones were built for CAP (Except Syclant of course, as there was no CAP meta yet) Then, around Kitsunoh I think, the project became focused on OU, until Kerfluffle when we started building for the CAP meta again. So yeah, Aurumoth was supposed to be balanced in Gen V OU, although it should also be noted that a) it was created before Genesect was banned, and this affected the final product b) Aurumoth was considered a failure, as Illusion+Quiver Dace proved to be too much, to the point where it had to be nerfed in the recent updates.


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CAP concepts are only accepted during the start of a new CAP concept. Also not that concepts are competitive starting points, usually focusing on a competitive role or mechanic. Individual submissions of a full CAP are never accepted.
I have a CAP concept ready for CAP24, but it involves Mega Evolution as part of the concept. Would I be allowed to put it forward or is Mega Evolution banned? I heard Crucibelle was a special case and we probably weren't doing another Mega, but is it completely banned or just probably not happening? Because I feel like it's a pretty decent concept.
Looking on the site, the mons are outdated - Syclant without Icicle Crash, no volt switch cychlom, Kerfluffle not having its HA, etc.. As a newcomer trying to get into the project, it's frustrating being forced to use showdown to see all the new moves and the sort. Will the site get updated any time soon?
No, we will not allow another concept the requires Mega Evolution for CAP24.
Can I ask why not? It seems somewhat needlessly restrictive, since there are plenty of cool ideas that could use Mega Evolution. Will there be another CAP set aside for a mega at some point?


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CAP dislikes Pokemon that force form changes. It is a burden on the CAP creation process to spend extra time with extra forms when we can make a perfectly viable Pokemon without having extra forms. There is a possibility CAP makes another mega in the future but the general mentality right now is that it is unnecessary and that it was done with Crucibelle to explore the mechanic as it was pertinent to last gen.

It's not ruled out indefinitely, but it is highly unlikely any time in the near future. Note that with even Crucibelle the concept itself didn't mandate a mega and we as CAP decided to adjust the process to mandate the mega beforehand. In order for it to happen again I'd imagine the same procedure would have to be established via the CAP PRC, not by asking for it in this thread.
Sorry if this has been explained in some obvious place before, but is there a reason there don't seem to be pre-evos for Crucibelle, Mollux, and Revenankh? All of the other CAPmons seem to have pre-evos planned at least.


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The community votes on whether a CAP gets any prevos and it was decided that Crucibelle, Mollux, and Revenankh would be best left as single stage mons. Afterall, some gamefreak mons don't have prevos/evos.
How much time do you spend doing one pokemon and its respective 3d sprite?
From the nomination of project leaders to the playtest, one Pokémon usually takes roughly three to four months, lately closer to four. For the 3d modeling aspect, your best bet is to check out the CAP 3D Modeling thread. It's one of the threads in the main CAP forum and has resources on what stage the models are in, who's working on them, etc. To my knowledge, the time a model takes to come out is dependent on the complexity of the design and work speed of the modeler though; basically, it can vary. There's also some other stuff, such as if people vote to give the CAP a pre-evolution or not, then it may go to the Pre-Evo Workshop to get created in a similar process to the main CAP process. Again, for the main process until playtest though, about 3-4 months. I hope that helps!
Who knows anything about the /cap code that automatically creates a new cap? I was curious to how it was coded and wanted to make one myself.


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Has anyone ever proposed to make a CAP that is an evolution of an already existing Pokemon?
Yes. There was a project a long long time ago called EVO if I remember rightly. It progressed a decent way before it fell apart. CaP has not brought up the idea since as with Mega Evolutions and Alola Pokemon, we feel that GameFreak Pokemon should be left how they are and changed how GameFreak see fit.

CaP now only produces unique and stand alone Pokemon.
Will there be a CAP 24? If then my next question is does the community voting on everything from typing, names, art, moves, ect. ect.?
Sorry to ask kinda new to this community. ^_^

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